Amy H Herring

Amy H Herring

Sara and Charles Ayres Professor

External address: 
208 Old Chemistry Building, Box 90251, Durham, NC 27709
(919) 684-4210
Office Hours: 
Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm, Fridays 2:00-3:00pm, and by appointment. Feel free to verify via e-mail, as work-related travel may modify availability.

Selected Grants

Component A: BD-STEPS II Core at North Carolina Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention (NC BDSTEPS II Core) awarded by University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Principal Investigator). 2018 to 2023

Reproducibility and Robustness of Dimensionality Reduction awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2017 to 2022

Structured nonparametric methods for mixtures of exposures awarded by National Institutes of Health (Co Investigator). 2018 to 2022

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