Graduate Program

Ph.D. in Statistical Science

Working with world leaders in research, our Ph.D. students customize their studies to define "individualized programs." We stress the flexibility to tailor course selection, independent study, research experiences, internships and so forth to help you define a core base of expertise and move at your own pace toward Ph.D. research. Coupled with our core emphases in modeling, computation and the methodologies of modern statistical science is a huge range of interdisciplinary areas via relationships with many other disciplines (biomedical sciences, environmental sciences, genomics, computer science, engineering, finance, social sciences, and others). These rich opportunities for students in interdisciplinary statistical research are complemented by our collaborations with the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), and internships at companies such as Google, Yahoo, AT&T, IBM, RAND, Microsoft, multiple financial and biomedical companies, among others.

Master of Science in Statistical Science (MSS)

The Master's in Statistical Science is a premier M.S. degree in statistics emphasizing core expertise in predictive modeling, Bayesian methods, machine learning, computational science and modern analytics linked to interdisciplinary applications. In addition to defining a premier graduate educational program at the M.S. level, the MSS couples into the research leadership of Duke Statistical Science faculty. For some MSS students, the program defines a professional launch-pad for careers in modern statistical science and related areas. For others, it is a bridge to future Ph.D. studies.

Master of Science in Statistical and Economic Modeling (MSEM)

The Master's in Statistical and Economic Modeling (MSEM) is a unique program that integrates the leading educational opportunities of Duke Statistical Science at the Master's level with those of the Duke Economics department. MSEM emphasizes educational opportunities and studies geared toward professional careers in statistics and economics, as well as an entree path to potential future Ph.D. studies. This unique program is jointly administered by the Departments of Statistical Science and Economics.