Spring 2023 Proseminar Series Kicks Off!

Photo of Richard Link, Lexitas Pharma Services

Thank you to Zachary Abzug of Vectra AI and Dan Salo of Proofpoint for the outstanding seminar on cloud computing in machine learning production at Duke Statistical Science that kicked off this semester’s Proseminar series. Your comprehensive discussion and demonstrations on the role of cloud platforms were insightful and greatly appreciated by all attendees, including undergraduates, Master's, and Ph.D. students.

An additional shoutout to Richard Zink of Lexitas Pharma Services for his incredible presentation at Duke, titled "Statistics Careers in the Medical Product Industry." Dr. Zink shared invaluable tips and insights with the students, covering employment prospects in small and large pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, regulatory agencies, and other data, software, and academia-related opportunities. He also highlighted the benefits of membership in scientific and professional organizations and emphasized the importance of developing statistical leadership early on. Thank you, Dr. Zink, for the incredibly informative and useful talk.