Simon Mak joins Statistical Science

Simon joined Statistical Science as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2019, after a one-year post-doc at Georgia Tech. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2018 (majoring in Statistics, minoring in Operations Research), and his B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University in 2013 (majoring in Statistics and Actuarial Science). His interests include (but not limited to) developing practical methodologies with theoretical guarantees for “big data” and “small data” analytics, both of which are important for solving real-world problems. His current research interests include the reduction of big / high-dimensional data, scalable Bayesian methods, computer experiments, and Monte Carlo / Quasi-Monte Carlo sampling. Much of his research is directly motivated from real-world engineering problems, fundamental scientific questions, and practical challenges in e-commerce. Current / past projects include the design of rocket engines for spaceflight, personalized surgery planning, and subsurface imaging for geothermal exploration. For more details, feel free to take a look at his website.

Simon's office will be in 112A Old Chemistry, so please stop by and introduce yourself and welcome him to the department.