Nicole Scott, Recipient of Dean’s Pillar of Excellence Award

Photo of Dean Gary Bennett and Nicole Scott

Congratulations to Departmental of Statistical Science Business Manager Nicole Scott for being awarded the Dean’s Pillar of Excellence Award. Presented by Dr. Gary Bennett, Dean of Trinity College Arts & Sciences, he shared that this award is given to “non-teaching staff making significant contributions to the excellence of Trinity College through their commitment to service, initiative, outstanding leadership, increased efficiency, enthusiasm, collaboration, mentoring, and diversity.”

“[Nikki is] the anchor of this great department,” wrote Dr. Surya Tokdar, Statistical Science Department Chair. Nikki’s colleagues also shared, “Nikki has led with a constant and steady hand, including an unanticipated change in chairs this past year, the transition to hybrid work schedules, and a sharp uptick in events to a pace even higher than pre-pandemic levels.”

"She is the 'organizational genius' who makes everything work and who also helps us work together to make things better. She kept us going through the pandemic years and, along with our chairs, has been a prime motivator for preserving the department's sense of community along the way. She is crucial to all that we do to keep this a world-class department."

Congratulations, Nikki, on this much-deserved award!