MSS Professional Development Series Begins

MSS Resume Workshop

First-year MSS students are getting prepared for summer internship applications by taking part in an interactive Writing Effective Resumes Workshop. The workshop was given by Dr. Heidi Giusto and is tailored to the needs of Master’s students in the Statistical Science Department. In this workshop, students learned best practices for resume writing and understanding how applicant tracking systems work. Upon completing the workshop, each student will have two individual consultation sessions with Dr. Guisto to review their resumes.

Below are quotes from MSS students who joined the workshop:

It drove home the point that the main purpose of a resume is to secure you an interview, so I have to optimize my resume to grab a reader’s attention in a few seconds. I appreciated having my resume right in front of me to take notes while Dr. Giusto provided examples of good and bad practices in resume writing.   --  Joseph Ekponyong

Dr. Giusto’s career workshop was tremendously beneficial. It’s great to be a part of an MS program that puts so much continued emphasis on life after the degree. Whether a career in industry or pursuing further academic studies through a PhD. I feel Duke’s program has continued to put me in a position to succeed no matter the path I chose.  --  Andrew Amore

Dr. Giusto provided keen insight into how someone coming from a different industry (like myself) could better communicate previous work experience when applying for a data science role. Lastly, Dr. Giusto’s expertise on how resume tracking systems work provided me with a firm understanding on how I should better format the contents of my resume. I look forward to the one-on-one sessions with her.  --  Richard Fremgen

Dr. Giusto’s resume workshop helped me put forward my industry experience in the most impactful way. The best practices for resume writing explained in the context of real life examples will definitely add value to my job search.   --  Jaskaran Singh