MSS Portfolio Award Winners

Photo of MSS Graduates

Students in the MSS program can submit a Portfolio of Work for their MS completion exam. The MS Portfolio Award is given for outstanding Portfolios, recognizing excellence in applied statistics and presentation.  This is the first year portfolio awards are given to acknowledge all the hard work that goes into these completion exams. Nominations for the award are made and assessed by the Portfolio advisors: Dr. Fan Li, Dr. Beka Steorts, Dr. Merlise Clyde, and the MS Director, Dr. Funda Gunes. Due to this year’s exceptionally strong pool of portfolios, the committee has bestowed multiple award winners and honorable mentions. More information is available on the MSS Portfolio page.

MSS Excellence in Portfolio Award Winners:

David Chester for his research on“Survival Dynamic Generalized Linear Model in Private Market Funding.
Advised by Dr. Mike West

Rob Kravec for his course project on “Predicting Coupon Acceptance Using Machine Learning Algorithms.
Dr. Cynthia Rudin’s “Intuition for the Algorithms of Machine Learning” course

Aasha Reddy for her research on “A Comparison of Record Linkage Methods applied to Real and Synthetic Data.”
Advised by Dr. Beka Steorts

Honorable Mentions, MSS Portfolio Award

Sarah Mansfield for her internship project on “Classifying Email Text Data Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Techniques”
Liberty Mutual

Mady Beckner for her capstone project on “Estimating North Pacific Right Whale Population Density using Machine Learning Methods.”
Mentored by Dr. Ryan Huang

Emre Yurtbay for his course project on “Hidden Markov Models for Part of Speech Tagging.”
Dr. Cynthia Rudin’s “Intuition for the Algorithms of Machine Learning” course

Cathy Shi for her capstone project on “Assessing Firm Success Based on Board Member Composition via Hierarchical Modeling.”
Mentored by Dr. Fan Li

Weiyi Liu for her course project on “Part-of-speech Tagging.”
Dr. Patrick Kelvin Wang’s “Natural Language Processing” course