Jim Berger Awarded Zellner Medal from the International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Jim Berger was awarded the Zellner Medal from the International Society of Bayesian Analysis at the 2018 World Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Zellner Medal honors Arnold Zellner, one of the founders of ISBA and ISBA’s first president. The purpose of the Zellner Medal is to recognize ISBA members who have rendered exceptional and distinguished service to ISBA over an extended period of time, and whose contributions have had an impact on the society beyond the time of his or her incumbency.

The citation for the award reads "For his deep and foundational contributions to Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis, his prominent role in the Valencia and ISBA Meetings and Journal, his services as President of ISBA, his outreach as Director of SAMSI, Editor of the Annals of Statistics and in the organization of several workshops, for his leadership in the creation and development of the Section of Objective Bayes, for his sustained role as supervisor of generations of first-class researchers and for his legendary welcoming net to visitors from all over the world."