DUS Message: Summer Courses Bring More Options for Students

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The Department of Statistical Science has planned a nice slate of courses in Summer 2020 in order to provide a few more options in these uncertain times. All have great instructors, and we have offerings at every level, with an eye on giving you useful skills to get attractive internship and job offers in the future. Course descriptions for extant courses are in our site's Courses section, and I’ve described the new ones in the Video below. We’re also offering summer versions of two courses that are full for fall: STA 199 (as STA 198) and STA 360.


Introductory level (intro stats and probability): STA 101 (Summer I and II, Mr. Hilton, no prereqs), STA 101-A (Summer I, Dr. Moran, no prereqs), STA 198 (10 weeks starting first day of Summer I, Dr. Jiang, no prereqs) and STA/MATH 230 (Summer I and II, Mr. Kirveslahti in Summer I and Dr. Hebbar in Summer II, second semester calculus required). Note: STA 198 is a brand new version of STA 199 focused on health data science. STA 198 will count just like STA 199 in the STA major/minor and in PUBPOL; other majors will likely follow suit (but you should check with the DUS in your major to be sure). STA 101-A has a focus on marine science rather than social and behavioral science (there is a section of 101 online in Duke Hub not marked as 101-A but listing Dr. Moran – we’re working with the registrar’s office to figure out what happened there).
STA 323 (Statistical Computing, Summer I, Dr. Santo, prereqs STA 210 and probability) and STA 360 (Bayesian Inference, Summer II, Dr. Akande, prereqs 210, probability, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra)
Upper-level: STA 540 (Case Studies in Statistical and Data Science, Summer I, Dr. Herring, prereq STA 360): this is a version of STA 440 that allows both MS and undergrad students to enroll. Structure and content will be quite similar to that of STA 440, and 540 can be used to meet the STA major requirements in lieu of 440.
Amy Herring
Sara & Charles Ayres Professor of Statistical Science
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Statistical Science
Professor of Global Health and Biostatistics and Bioinformatics