Applied Statistics Experience

Each MSS student is required to demonstrate proficiency in Applied Statistics through a period of formal practical training on an applied research project in a mentored industrial internship. A formal summary report on the applied project or internship is required to be submitted and assessed by the MSD as part of the determination of Satisfactory Progress on the MSS.
A student having substantial prior Applied Statistics experience may be permitted to substitute alternative, applied coursework on approval of her/his advisor and the MSD. In rare cases, the MSD may approve an applied research project supervised by Statistical Science faculty as an alternative to industry internship. (Specific requirements: e.g., a formal report approved by the supervisor must be submitted to obtain MSD approval).

Selected Organizations Offering Internships   (Summer 2018)

2017-2018 Health Data Science Interns with Duke Forge and DCRI
MSS students (Yimeng Jia, Arpita Mandan, Xilin Shi, Muyao Sun, Ran Zhou)
Internship company list Duke Forge Interns

In addition to mentored internships, each student is required to attend each of the following Master's career and professional development events to complete their applied experience requirement: 

  • Industry Day Event (Fall)

industry day

  • Alumni Day Event (Fall)
alumni dinner