Information about the Mail Migration

When the department was first started, mail was handled by an internal mail server. Over the years, the userbase has grown to the point that the load has outpaced the capabilities of the system. During the intervening time, the OIT mail system has made leaps and bounds in becoming a more stable, expansive system that is provided to all Duke users by default. It became obvious that the solution to the department mail server's troubles was to utilize the already available main university mail system. Thus, the department mail system is retiring as a receivable mail destination, with all mail being funnelled to the Office365 system.

The purpose of this page is to explain why it was necessary for the move, who it impacts and what changes it will require moving forward. There will be space for a FAQ at the bottom of the page, which you can feel free to make suggestions about by emailing

What this change entails is as follows:

  • All mail will be sent to the Office365 system. If you have a email address, mail can still be received at that address, but routed to your email account.
  • Mail you have in the department mail store will still be there. It has not been migrated over to the new system to allow for you to choose what gets moved, at your convenience. Mail can be copied from your old account to your new account via most IMAP mail clients. (See below for discussion of configurations needed.)
  • This change is permanent. All mail will be routed to the Office365 system from now on.
  • You can leave your mail in the department mail stores for reference if you like. We will not be deleting anything or retiring the system for the foreseeable future, and not without ample warning. Mail you feel you need to reference on a more immediate basis can be copied from the department mailstore to the Office365 system within a client configured to access both systems.

Configuring your mail client to access both systems

Most mail clients have the capability of sustaining multiple account logins simultaneously. With both Duke and departmental mail accounts configured, mail from your old mailstore and newly arrived mail in the Office365 system can be accessed. Mail can also be transferred from the old mailstore to the Office365 system. The information to set up email clients can be found at

* Make sure to set your Duke (Office365) account as your primary mail account.