Practical Pragmatic Approach to Responsible AI


Speaker(s): Dr. Scott Zoldi Chief Analytics Officer, FICO
Focus on the dangers of AI is at an all-time high with researchers, companies, and the public all increasingly concerned with improperly built automated decisioning that negatively impacts human lives. These concerns will be reviewed in the context of the principles of Responsible AI including Robust AI, Explainable AI, Ethical AI, and Auditable AI. Within the talk we will explore methods of interpretable ML, transparency, and rigorous bias mitigation methods. Further, we introduce an AI model development governance framework to move from admiring the problem to focusing on re-establishing trust and proof of work in meeting Responsible AI standards.

Dr. Scott Zoldi is Chief Analytics Officer at FICO and is responsible for the analytic development of FICOs product and technology solutions. While at FICO, Scott has been responsible for authoring more than 100 analytic patents, with 68 patents granted and 43 in process. Scott is actively involved in the development of new analytic products, purpose-built machine learning algorithms, and frameworks of responsible AI. Scott is most recently focused on Ethical AI and Unsupervised Machine Learning. Scott serves on two boards of directors, including Tech San Diego and Cyber Center of Excellence. Scott received his Ph.D. in theoretical computational physics from Duke University.

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