Estimation of open populations from multiple structurally different data sets

Lutz Gruber, Quanto

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 3:30pm

We present a novel statistical model for estimating open populations that can integrate interview data, point count survey data, and high frequency camera trap data. Our statistical model is built around a differential equation for intraday arrivals and departures (immigration and emigration) that enables inference on highly relevant, but unobserved quantities of interest such as total number of hunters accessing a site during a day, person-hour usage, or length of stay.

We present a real data example based on the Nebraska hunter survey, which is one of the most comprehensive studies of hunters in the US. The data set is comprised of field interview data, point count surveys, and intraday camera trap car counts. Improved understanding of key factors impacting hunter turnout can help managers of open access programs with their land portfolio investment and policy decisions to increase revenue from license sales as well as hunter satisfaction.

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