Big (Network) Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Data Science

Patrick J. Wolfe, Frederick L. Hovde Dean of Science and Miller Family Professor of Statistics and Computer Science, Purdue University; IEEE Signal Processing Society Data Science Distinguished Lecturer

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 3:30pm

How do we draw sound and defensible conclusions from big data? This question lies at the heart of data science. In this talk I will first describe some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in this rapidly emerging field, and then discuss the current state of the art in one area of particular relevance: big network data.  Progress in this area includes the development of new large-sample theory that helps us to view and interpret networks as statistical data objects, along with the transformation of this theory into new statistical methods to model and draw inferences from network data in the real world. The insights that result from connecting theory to practice also feed back into pure mathematics and theoretical computer science, prompting new questions at the interface of combinatorics, analysis, probability, and algorithms.

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