Number Title Crosslistings Curriculum Codes
STA20 General Statistics
STA30 Basic Statistics and Quantitative Literacy QS
STA89S First-Year Seminar
STA101 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference ISS235 QS, R, STS
STA101-1 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference for Bass Connections QS, R, STS
STA102 Introductory Biostatistics ISS235 QS, R, STS
STA102A Introduction to Biostatistics ISS235 QS, R, STS
STA104 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference – Online QS, R, STS
STA110FS Focus Program – Introductory Special Topics in Statistics QS
STA111 Probability and Statistical Inference ISS235 QS
STA130 Probability and Statistics in Engineering ISS235 QS
STA199 Intro to Data Science QS, STS
STA210 Regression Analysis QS
STA230 Probability MATH230, ISS QS
STA231 Advanced Introduction to Probability MATH340 QS
STA240L Probability for Statistics QS
STA250D Statistics MATH342D, ISS QS
STA320 Design and Analysis of Causal Studies QS
STA321 Design and Analysis of Surveys QS
STA322 Study Design: Design of Surveys and Causal Studies QS
STA323D Statistical Computing QS, R
STA325L Machine Learning & Data Mining QS
STA340 Introduction to Statistical Decision Analysis QS
STA360 Bayesian Inference and Modern Statistical Methods QS, STS
STA393 Research Independent Study R
STA410L Hierarchical Models QS
STA440 Case Studies in the Practice of Statistics QS, R, W
STA444 Statistical Modeling of Spatial and Time Series Data QS, R
STA450L Theory and Methods for the Analysis of Social Networks QS, STS
STA470S Introduction to Statistical Consulting EI, QS, R, W
STA471S Computational Data Analysis QS
STA490S Special Topics in Statistics
STA493 Research Independent Study R
STA497S Research Seminar in Statistical Science I QS, R
STA498S Research Seminar in Statistical Science II QS, R, W
STA501S Teaching Advanced Placement Statistics
STA502 Bayesian Inference and Decision BA910
STA503 Choice Theory BA913
STA504 Statistical Genetics CBB541
STA521L Predictive Modeling and Statistical Learning QS
STA523L Programming for Statistical Science QS
STA531 Advanced Bayesian Inference and Stochastic Modeling QS
STA532 Theory of Statistical Inference QS
STA561D Probabilistic Machine Learning QS
STA563 Information Theory ECE587
STA571 Advanced Probabilistic Machine Learning QS
STA581 ProSeminar: Becoming a Statistical Scientist
STA582L DataFest
STA601 Bayesian and Modern Statistical Data Analysis QS
STA602L Bayesian and Modern Statistics Analysis QS
STA610L Multilevel and Hierarchical Models QS
STA611 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics QS
STA612 Numerical Analysis COMPSCI520, MATH565 QS, R
STA613 Statistical Methods for Computational Biology CBB540
STA614 Computational Structural Biology COMPSCI664, CBB550 QS, R
STA621 Applied Stochastic Processes MATH541
STA622 Statistical Data Mining COMPSCI579 QS
STA623 Statistical Decision Theory QS
STA640 Causal Inference QS
STA641 Statistical Learning and Bayesian Nonparametrics QS
STA642 Time Series and Dynamic Models QS
STA643 Modern Design of Experiments QS
STA644 Statistical Modeling of Spatial and Time Series Data QS, R
STA650 Theory and Methods for the Analysis of Social Networks QS
STA663L Statistical Computing and Computation QS
STA690 Special Topics in Statistics
STA690-40 Topics in Probability Theory MATH690-40
STA701S Readings in Statistical Science
STA711 Probability and Measure Theory
STA721 Linear Models MATH743
STA723 Statistics Case Studies
STA732 Statistical Inference
STA741 Compressed Sensing and Related Topics ECE741
STA790 Special Topics
STA831 Probability and Statistical Models
STA832 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
STA841 Categorical Data
STA851 Statistical Consulting Workshop
STA863 Advanced Statistical Computing
STA941 Bayesian Nonparametric Models and Methods
STA942 Time Series and Forecasting
STA944 Spatial Statistics
STA961 Stochastic Processes
STA993 Independent Study
STA994 Independent Study