Mentoring Undergraduate STEM Research

STA 772S

Provides new mentors of undergraduate STEM researchers with evidence-based practices, tools and techniques for effectively mentoring undergraduate researchers as individuals or as part of a vertically-integrated research team. While actively mentoring one or more undergraduate researchers, build a mutually supportive learning community of mentors. Course activities will include discussion, case studies, readings, and reflective writing, as well as practice of the techniques covered during the semester. Students must have an undergraduate STEM researcher and project to mentor during the course.


1 graduate credit unit, Grading basis: Credit / No Credit. Counts as one of the two pedagogy courses required for The Graduate School’s Certificate in College Teaching.

Instructor Consent Required: Students must be actively mentoring a STEM research project with one or more undergraduate research assistants or undergraduate research projects during this course in order to complete course requirements. Students who do not yet have a research project to mentor will be guided to post a MUSER project in advance of the semester. Contact Joan Combs Durso, PhD for more information at 

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