Emily Hadley, BS 2015

How has being a Statistical Science graduate from Duke help shape you personally and/or professionally?

"As a data scientist, I use the statistical foundation I developed at Duke in my professional role every day. Through the Duke Statistical Science department, I learned how to apply a rigorous statistical lens to data collection, analysis, and communication. I also have a deeper understanding of the statistical and probability theory that underlies the machine learning algorithms that I use. I especially appreciate Duke's leadership in Bayesian methodologies as I regularly use Bayesian approaches in my work. Personally, I appreciated the great Statistical Science faculty who helped guide me on my journey, particularly with my Duke statistics senior project which was one of the highlights of my Duke experience."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Statistical Science programs?

"Whenever possible, apply your statistics skills in other fields and practice communication skills. I am very thankful that I combined a Statistical Science major with a major in Public Policy Studies as I gained a deep appreciation for how data is used in practice and how important it is to communicate statistics in a way that policymakers can use and understand. While more than 80% of my current daily work is computer programming in Python or R, I continue to recognize the critical importance of the 20% of my work that is communicating results with my teammates and other stakeholders."

Data Scientist at RTI International, Durham, NC