Our Undergrad Alums

Year Name Employment Senior Project or
Honors Thesis
2020 Alexander, Ben Researcher, Stanford University, Aug. 2020    
2020 Belac, Ana Area Sales Manager at TKK d.o.o., Jan 2020    
2020 Bird, Morgan Avery Research, Analytics & Quant @ Barings, Sep 2020    
2020 Cai, Shuang Analyst at Sculptor Capital Management, Inc.
Dec 2017
2020 Chandler, Sara Tess Data and Analytics Lead, Impact Travel Alliance, Feb 2020    
2020 Eckmann, August Jordan Owner, Director of Operations, Run 4 Seventy-Five, Jul 2015    
2020 Eledath, Bassim Faizal Data Scientist, NoviSci, Jun 2020    
2020 Epstein, Jacob Alec Analyst, Blackstone, 2020    
2020 Gong, Yutao Incoming Associate, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Sep 2019    
2020 Graves, Rose Kimberly Analyst, Houston Astros, Jun 2020 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Corrupted Data and the Illicit Arms Trade Alex Volfovsky
2020 Gupta, Shrey Software Engineer, NewCo, Jun 2020    
2020 Holland, Ethan      
2020 Hossain, Shamikh Shafkat Intern, Point72, Jun 2019    
2020 Hsiao, Man-Lin Research Assistant, Duke Universiry Economics Dept, Sep 2018    
2020 Hu, Diane Software Engineer, Facebook, Jan 2020    
2020 Jia, Li Austin Strategy Analyst, Accenture, Sep 2020    
2020 Jiang, Yufeng PhD Program, University of Washington,  Graduation with High Distinction - Estimating Cell Probablilities for High-Dimensional and Sparse Multinominal Data Using Proper Scoring Rules David Dunson
2020 Jin, Lingrong Karen Research Assistant, Bernhardt Biogeochemistry Lab, Jun 2019    
2020 Kim, Chiwan Structurer, J.P. Morgan, Aug 2020 Graduation with Highest Distinction - A Black-Scholes-Integrated Gaussian Process Model for American Option Pricing Simon Mak
2020 Liu, Tianqi Sophia      
2020 Liu, Zijie Machine Intelligence Team (Photos), Google, Mountain View    
2020 Ma, Calvin      
2020 Martin, Jose San Software Development Engineer, Amazon, Jun 2020    
2020 Metz, Audreya Business Development Intern, Cuvee, Jul 2020, Master's Program, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, 2020    
2020 Model, Michael Hospitality Data Consultant, Zeta Global, Jun 2020 Graduation with High Distinction - Hitting around the shift: Evaluating Batted-Ball Trends across Major League Baseball  David Dunson
2020 Needleman, Jessica Data Scientist, Shopify, Jun 2020    
2020 Patel, Sahil Sanjay SPA Student Assistant, University of NC, Chapel Hill, Jan 2019    
2020 Schafer, Peyton Anne      
2020 Sengottuvelu, Rahul G Co-Founder, Cohere, May 2020    
2020 Spottiswood, Daniel Jay Intern,  Facebook, May 2019 Graduation with High Distinction - Algorithmic Trading of an Alternative Cryptocurrency Using Sentiment and Volume Based Predictors Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Tan, Jasmine Oon Mei Backend/Data Engineering Intern, Spotify, Internship, 2020    
2020 Tan, Michael Investment Banking Analyst, Goldman Sachs, Jul 2020 Graduation with High Distinction - Investigating Underpricing in Venture-Backed IPOs Shawn Santo
2020 Tang, Zuzu Software Engineer, Microsoft, Aug 2020    
2020 Tesha, Revogatus Apolinary Data Scientist, Thomson Reuters, Jul 2020    
2020 Wang, Yifan Master's Program, Business Analytics, MIT, Fall 2021    
2020 Xiao, Bei Claire      
2020 Zhang, Qiufeng Investment Analyst, DUMAC, Jul 2020   Surya Tokdar
2020 Zuo, Lin Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company, Mar 2020    
2020 Bricken, Trenton PhD Program, Systems, Synthetic and Quantitative Biology (SSQB), Harvard, Sep 2020 Graduation with Distinction - Learning Fitness Landscapes for Protein Design David Banks
2020 Cai, Jie Data Analyst, Robinhood, 2020 Interdepartmental Major - Computer Science and Statistical Science  
2020 Turpin, Miles Andrew Machine Learning Researcher, Secant, Jun 2020 Interdepartmental Major - Computer Science and Statistical Science  
2020 Yang, Jeongmin Christine   Interdepartmental Major - Computer Science & Visual and Media Studies  
2019 Buyuk, Ekim Equity Derivatives Capital Markets Analyst | Morgan Stanley, Jul 2019 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Landlords and Evictions: Changes in the Ownership of Multi-Family Rental Properties and Its Impact on Housing Stability in Durham, NC Colin Rundel
2019 Chen, Zilai Fixed Income Analyst, Credit Suisse, Jul 2019     
2019 Cristali, Irina Statistics PhD Program, University of Chicago, Aug 2019     
2019 Deng, Ziqi Analyst, Deloitte, Jul 2019     
2019 Dineshkumar, Shakira Monetization Analyst, Partnerships, AppLovin, San Francisco, CA, Jan 2020    
2019 Feder, Benjamin Assistant Research Scientist at Coleridge Initiative-Jul 2019  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Evaluating Student Creativity and Depth of Data Analysis Projects Based on R Syntax and Packages Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
2019 Hase, Peter Byron PhD program, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Aug 2019 Graduation with Highest Distinction-Interpretable Image Recognition with Hierarchical Prototypes Cynthia Rundel
2019 Huang, Howard Jefferson Associate, Client Leadership, Kantar Millward Brown, Aug 2019    
2019 Huang, Zijing Corporate Banking Analyst, Citigroup, Jun 2019     
2019 Jacob, Eidan Software Developer at Softheon, Inc., Aug 2019    
2019 Jiang, Chen Investment Banking Analyst, Greenhill, Jun 2019     
2019 Jiang, Yiqin  Global Capital Markets Analyst, Morgan Stanley, Jun 2019     
2019 Khaykin, Alan Associate, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Sep 2019   Jerry Reiter
2019 Levine, Daniel Aaron Analytics Fellow, Data Science Division, McKenzie Analytics, Chicago Graduation with Highest Distinction - Beating Vegas: Creating a Dynamic Sports Betting Model Jerry Reiter
2019 Lin, Vincent Business Data Analyst II, All Native Group, The Federal Services Division of Ho-Chunk Inc. Oct 2019    
2019 Lyu, Cheng Software Engineer, Ambarele, Bay Area    
2019 Malone, Alexis Devine Consultant at the Center for Learning and Technology, Thomas Edison State University, Jun 2017     
2019 Marszalek, Oskar Data Analyst, Dock Planner, Warsaw, Poland, Jun 2020    
2019 Rappleye, Robert Benjamin Asst. Quant Trader, Jane Street trading, NYC Graduation with Highest Distinction- Modeling Win Probability in NFL Games Sayan Mukherjee
2019 Ratliff, Elizabeth Ione Writer, Editor and Producer, StatisFlix, Los Angeles, CA, Jun 2019    
2019 Sampson, Mark Charles Data Technician, The Duke Human Vacinne Institute, May 2019     
2019 Shulman, Jacob Alex Software Engineer, Microsoft, Sep 2019    
2019 Sibley, Sarah Incoming Data Scientist, Facebook, Aug 2018     
2019 Sivakumar, Anupriya Systems Analyst (Data Analyst), Fidelity, RTP    
2019 Song, Yu Xuan Associate Consultant, Bain, Atlanta    
2019 Stiles, Timothy Peter Incoming Analyst, Goldman Sachs, Sep 2018     
2019 Sunil, Srinivas Emandi Quant Analyst, Blackrock, NYC Graduation with Highest Distinction - Bayesian Forecasting and Decision Theory Mike West
2019 Tsang, Catherine J  Mentorship and Tutoring Programs, Americorps, San Jose    
2019 Vaidya, Neal Associate Systems Engineer, SAS, Jul 2019    
2019 Wang, Chenyang  Data Scientist, Coinbase, San Francisco, Apr 2020    
2019 Wang, Harry Consultant, FI Consulting, Jun 2020, Master's Program, Engineering, Duke University, Aug 2020    
2019 Wang, Yuanling  gap year then applying to MFA programs for Theatre studies    
2019 Yang, Steven G Analyst, EY Parthenon    
2019 Yoo, Jae Hyun      
2019 Zhuang, Bihan   Graduation with Highest Distinction - Entity Resolution with an Application to the El Salvadoran Conflict Rebecca Steorts
2019 Zimmer, Erik Conrad Applied Data Scientist, Civis Analytics, Jul 2019     
2018 Brown, Nathaniel Data Scientist, Oracle, Aug 2018  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Bayesian Analysis of Player Performance over Time Mike West
2018 Chang, Chia-Rui Ph.D. Candidate in Biostatistics at Harvard University - Aug 2019  Graduation with Distinction - Modeling Federal Employees Data to Predict Promotion Jerry Reiter
2018 Chen, Amy Actuarial Analyst, Hartford, Jul 2019    
2018 Cho, Young Hoo Master's Student, Columbia University New York, 2020    
2018 Cooper, Andrew H Master's Program, Statistical Science, Duke University, Aug 2018  Graduation with Distinction - Modeling Count Relationships in Restricted Social Networks Alex Volfovsky
2018 Driscoll, Anne Research Data Analyst, Stanford, Aug 2018  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Examining Injustice in Environmental Toxicity David Banks, Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
2018 Duan, Tianlin Data Scientist, Acquisition Algorithms, Stitch Fix, Mar 2020 Graduation with Distinction - Aspect-based Opinion Mining with Yelp Restaurant Reviews David Banks, Cynthia Rundel
2018 Goettel, Grant Steven Senior Consultant, Guidehouse, DC, Mar 2020    
2018 Hu, Shijia Master's Program, Computer Science Machine Learning, 2020    
2018 Hu, Shuhao      
2018 Hua, Xingan Data Scientist, Optum, Jul 2018    
2018 Jiang, Haozhang Graduate Student, University of Washington, Sep 2018     
2018 Kim, Tae Hwan    Investment Analyst, DUMAC, Mar 2019     
2018 Mu, Tianyi Software Engineer, Google, Aug 2018    
2018 Oddiraju, Vinai Simha Research Analyst, Asset Allocation, First Citizens Bank, Raleigh, NC, Jul 2018     
2018 Peng, Sharon Program Manager, AI/Research Group, Microsoft, Aug 2018     
2018 Rafiq, Altamash Analytics Intern, Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP), Jun 2019     
2018 Rosso, Samuel Consultant, Mastercard Data & Services, Aug 2019    
2018 Siegel, Ryan Trading Analyst, Mortgage Trading Desk, Goldman Sachs, Jul 2018     
2018 So, Stephen M Business Intelligence Specialist, BB&T, Aug 2018     
2018 Sriram, Vivek PhD Student in Genomics and Computational Biology, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Jun 2020 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Statistical Analysis of the Human Gut Microbiome Li Ma
2018 Tang, Annie Katelyn Machine Learning Engineer, Apple, Aug 2018     
2018 Wang, Weiyao Business Analyst, McKinsey Beijing, Jun 2018     
2018 Warren, Houston Shipley Data Scientist, Computational Research, Sumitovant Biopharma, Inc, Jan 2020    
2018 Wood, Adam Daniel Pro Golfer    
2018 Wu, James C CEO & Cofounder @ AdaptiLab, Jun 2018  Graduation with Distinction - Matrix Based Anomaly Detection Techniques Applied to Network Attacks Peter Hoff
2018 Xu, Sonia Analytics Consultant, Deloitte, Sep 2018  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Duke Basketball Passing Networks Alex Volfovsky
2018 Yang, William Software Engineer, Google, Sunnyvale, CA, Jul 2018    
2018 Yashar, Faraz Netanel Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Jun 2019    
2018 Yu, Huijia Software Engineer, Google, Jul 2018  Graduation with Distinction  - Bayesian Reproducibility Merlise Clyde
2018 Zhang, Jingyi Actuarial Senior Analyst, Cigna, Jul 2020    
2018 Zhang, Sonya L Associate, Boston Consulting Group, Washington DC, Sep 2018     
2018 Zhang, Wuming Machine Learning Engineer, Planner/Behavior Prediction, Nuro, Feb 2020    
2018 Zimmermann, Sarah Elizabeth Data Analyst II, Microsoft, Feb 2020    
2017 Aluko, Kolapo FJA-US, Product Modeler, Nov 2017     
2017 Brasco, James Frederick Customer Success Consultant, Oualtrics, Nov 2019     
2017 Cho, Sehyun Sr. Data Scientist, 2nd Order Solutions,Washington, DC, Jul 2020 ICEWS Views - International relations viewer Peter Hoff
2017 Feng, Judy Associate, Axium Infrastructure, Feb 2019     
2017 Ho, In Hee Associate, Boston Consulting Group, Sep 2020    
2017 Ho, Jeffrey JD Program, Stanford Law School, 2017     
2017 Janat, Aibolat Analyst, Portfolio Management, Waterfall Asset Management LLC, Jul 2017    
2017 Jiang, Yizhou Investment Analyst, Next Capital, Dec 2018     
2017 Kang, Moung Jin Steve Investment Banking Associate, Morgan Stanley, Oct 2019    
2017 Levenberg, Amanda Brooke Associate, Quantitative and Derivative Strategies, Morgan Stanley,  Jan 2020     
2017 Levine, Ethan Isaac Portfolio Management Analyst, Two Sigma, Aug 2018  Graduation with Distinction - Performance and Application of Matrix Decomposition and Inversion via Probabilistic Algorithms Colin Rundel
2017 Li, Yijun Biostatistics MS Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2017     
2017 Lin, Jiayin Analyst, Altman Vilandrie & Company, Sep 2018     
2017 Liu, Xirui Associate, CMC Capital Partners, May 2018     
2017 Lott, Anne K Operations Campus Analyst, BNY Mellon, Aug 2020    
2017 Lu, Jiawei MBA Program, London Business School, Aug 2020    
2017 Lu, Xinyi PhD Student, Colorado State University, Aug 2017  Graduation with Highest Distinction -  Local Real-Time Forecasting of Ozone Exposure using Temperature Data  Alan Gelfand
2017 Seif, Basil Fayez Data Science Consultant, IBM, Oct 2017     
2017 Shen, Yueqi  PhD Student, Biostatistics, UNC, Aug 2018  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Explore Geometric Anisotropy for Point-Referenced Spatial Data Alan Gelfand
2017 Song, Alexander T University of Chicago Law School, JD Candidate, 2017     
2017 Van Liedekerke, Matthew Alter Management Fellow, Alter Global-Hanoi Vietnam, Aug 2019     
2017 Vernot, Corey Research Assistant, Yale, 2017    Rebecca Steorts
2017 Whedon, William Program Manager II, Amazon, Jul 2017     
2017 Wolery, Bryce Product Modeling Analyst, Geico, Washington DC, Jul 2017     
2017 Yang, Yiran Associate, The Carlyle Group, May 2019    
2017 Yuan, Ellen Sofware Engineer, Google, Sep 2019    
2017 Zhang, Jiaqin Software Development Engineer, Amazon, Sep 2017 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Improved Genomic Selection using Vowpal Wabbit with Random Fourier Features  Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Zhang, Jing  Associate, China Investment Corporation, Aug 2018    
2017 Zhang, Julian Analyst Consultant, FICO, Jul 2018    
2017 Zhang, Zhaozhi Harvard Law School    
2017 Zhang, Zhen Investor   Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Zhuo, Dayou Actuarial Lead Analyst, Client Pricing, Express Scripts, Oct 2019     
2017 Zou, Liaowang Data Scientist, Altman Vilandrie & Company, Oct 2019 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Bayesian Forecasting and Decision Analysis in Macroeconomic Time Series Using Dynamic Dependence Networks Mike West
2016 Bejany, Joseph Elias Manager, Business Strategy, Capital One, Jul 2016     
2016 Choi, Dabin Actuarial Assistant, Samsung Life Insurance, Jan 2017     
2016 Choi, Yoon Hyung Software Development Engineer, Amazon    
2016 Clancy, David Product Modeling Analyst, Geico, Maryland, Jun 2019 Graduation with Distinction - Bayesian Regression of Sap Flux in Saplings on Environmental Conditions Alan Gelfand
2016 Desai, Neel Mehul Ph.D. Student in Statistics, Rice University, May 2017 Graduation with Distinction - The Animal Model for Censored Traits Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Dorchuck, Daniel Alexander Associate, Investment Underwriting, The Beneficient Company, LP, Nov 2019    
2016 Dunn, Ethan William Program Director, Humanity Forward, Feb 2020    
2016 Gao, Michael Data Scientist Lead, Duke Institute for Health Innovation, Jun 2019    
2016 Hall, Victoria Tori Senior Data Scientist, Walt Disney Television, Aug 2020    
2016 Hemal, Kshipra M.D. Candidate, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 2017    
2016 Ho, Brandon      
2016 Hou, Michelle Product Manager, Visa District, Visa, Apr 2020    
2016 Huang, YunChu Business Intelligence & Analytics, Google, Dec 2019 Surgical Variability Katherine Heller
2016 Klein, Jake Analytics Engineer, Jetblack, Oct 2019    
2016 Lai, Michael Software Engineer, Plaid, May 2016     
2016 Lee, Byung Cheol Ph.D. Student in Marketing (Consumer Behavior), Columbia Business School    
2016 Legein, Kevin Actuarial Analyst, Milliman, May 2017     
2016 Lin, Qiuyu Data Product Associate, YipitData, Apr 2018     
2016 Mao, Yulu Callie Quantitative Research Associate, Two Sigma, Feb 2017  Graduation with Distinction - Modeling Renal Outcomes from Blood Pressure Variability During Non-Cardiac Surgeries David Dunson
2016 Marren, Kevin Thomas Data Analyst, Genentech, Dec 2016     
2016 McKenzie, Katelyn MD-PhD, University of Kansas Medical Center Graduation with Highest Distinction - Gene Set Analyses Under a Bayesian Partial Factor Regression Model Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Ni, Alice Senior Data Analyst, Faire, Jan 2016    
2016 Niu, Kelvin Software Engineer, Facebook, Apr 2020 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Recommending Challenging Levels in Learning Games Colin Rundel
2016 Park, Daniel T. JD Candidate, University of Michigan Law School, Aug 2018     
2016 Perez, Kaila Management Consulting, Accenture, Jul 2016     
2016 Price, Sara B Senior Consultant, Deloitte & Touche LLC, Feb 2016     
2016 Sanders, Austin Patrick Company Executive Officer, 75th Ranger Regiment, U.S. Army, Nov 2019    
2016 Shi, Allen Private Equity Associate, H.I.G. Capital, Aug 2018     
2016 Shi, Peter J Senior HR Reporting Analyst, EY, Jan 2019     
2016 Shikhaleev, Artur Associate, Denham Capital, Feb 2018     
2016 Sunder, Lavanya Parvathy Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company, Sep 2016  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Predictive Model for Views In YouTube Beauty Community Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Wang, Zixu Digital Chip Design Engineer, Hisilicon, Jul 2019     
2016 Willke, Bridget M Senior Associate Consultant, Bain & Company in Boston, MA, Aug 2016  Graduation with Highest Distinction - Forgery Detection in Paintings Using North Carolina Bird Series David Dunson
2016 Yang, Zhixiao Software Engineer, Bloomberg, LP, Jul 2020    
2016 Zhang, Kehan      
2016 Jiang, Anna Senior Business Analyst,  Capital One, Jan 2019    
2015 Ballard, Tristan C Technical Research Fellow, Sust Global, Jun 2020, Research Scientist, Carnegie Institution of Science Jun 2017, PhD Student, Stanford Univerity, Aug 2015 Graduation with Distinction - Alternative Approaches to Multi-Model Averaging of Climate Simulations David Banks
2015 Britain, William Travis MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School, 2019 Predicting Acceptance of Deased Donor Kidneys for Transplantation: A Bayes Impact Project  
2015 Dai, Yue Strategic Finance, AutoGrid, Oct 2019 The Causal Effect of Extreme Temperatures on US Mortality Rates Surya Tokdar
2015 Desilets, Stephen J Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, Jun 2018 A Statistical Approach to Risk Reduction in the Microfinance Market  
2015 Hadley, Emily C Data Scientist, RTI International, Jun 2018  Comparing Predictive Moidels of High School Dropout in North Carolina Merlise Clyde, Jim Clark
2015 Hu, Mao I Policy Associate, Acumen, LLC, Aug 2018  Graduation with Highest Distinction - An Importance Sampler for Bayesian Model Averaged Logistic Regression Edwin Iversen
2015 Kim, Lorienne Sohn PhD Student, Emory University - Golzueta Business School,  2020 Using Bayesian Additive Regression Trees for Generating Synthetic Public Use Files Jerry Reiter
2015 Lee, Joshua Chief Operating Officer, Yilian Education Technology, Jun 2015  A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Climate Change in the Atlantic  
2015 Lee, Sang Woo Phillip  MPP Student in Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan-Rackham Graduate School, 2017  Bayesian Model to Minimize the Loss from Loan Default  
2015 Li, Qingwan Associate, TPG Sixth Street Partners, London, UK, Jan 2020      
2015 McKiernan, Ian D Seasonal Assistant, Basketball Strategy and Analytics, Washington Wizards, Oct 2019-Mar 2020 Predicting the Probability of Injury in College Athletes  
2015 Menon, Vijay Vettath Founder in Residence, Atomic, Jan 2020  NBA Playoff Prediction Model  
2015 Moondra, Avinash Software Engineer, Atrium, Dec 2017  Increasing Access to and Qualtiy of Introductory Statistics Education Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
2015 Richter, Benjamin Joseph Co-Founder, Wake & Late, Jun 2016  Over Easy Delivery Optimization Through Agent-Based Models  
2015 Roeder, Daniel E Research/Teaching Assistant, Simon Business School, Aug 2018  Bayesian Portfolio Optimization Scott Schmidler
2015 Scanlon, Meghan Associate Brand Manager Intern, Betty Crocker, General Mills, Jun 2020 A Statistical Review of Duke University Medical Center's Case-Based Measure of Pathology Resident Performance Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
2015 Shapiro-Spetalnick, Heather B Technical Program Manager at Amazon Alexa, Boston, MA, Oct 2019 Graduation with Distinction - A Bayesian Approach to Understanding Music Popularity Merlise Clyde
2015 Song, Zhiang Law Clerk, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, Oct 2018  Bayesian Hierarchial Model for Consumption Behavior in Ireland's Electricity Smart Metering  
2015 Tyler, Matthew D Ph.D. Student in Political Science, Stanford University, 2015  Shared Kernel Nonparametric Bayes Bi-Clustering  
2015 Weishampel, Anthony C Ph.D. Student in Statistics, NC State, Aug 2016  Posterior Approximation for Linear Regression with i.i.d. Priors  
2015 Willoughby, Jonathan Jay Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company Improving Matching Between Interest Rates and Borrower Riskiness in Microfinance Loans  
2015 Woody, Spencer A Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 2016 An Exploration of Citi Bike, New York City  
2015 Wu, Kevin Machine Learning Software Engineer, DeepHealth, Aug 2018  Detection Click Fraud in Online Advertising Using Machine Learning Mike West
2015 Zhang, Zihao Software Engineer, Facebok, Jan 2016    
2015 Zheng, Zenia Marketing Science, APAC Gaming, Facebook Singapore, Aug 2019 Graduation with Distinction - Simulating Complex Predator-Prey Dynamics Using Agent-Based Models Cynthia Rundel
2015 Zhong, Ruilin Data Scientist, Audible, INC, Sep 2018  Forecasting Security Price Movement with Bayesian DLM  
2015 Latner, Joshua Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, University of Florida Health    
2014 Bu, Fan MBA Program, Business Analytics & Management, 2019 Analysis for Survival Model of ICD Data  
2014 Cohen, Brittany J Director, Technical Program Manager, Mastercard, Jul 2020  Detecting Bullying in Social Networks Katherine Heller
2014 Deng, Mengran Senior High Yield Analyst, Broadcasting, Outdoors, & Theaters, Citi, Jan 2019 New Bayesian Decision Strategies for Multi-Period Portfolios Mike West
2014 Dong, Qi Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Fred Hutch, Seattle, WA, Jul 2020 Graduation with Distinction - Tree Growth Inference and Imputation Using Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Alan Gelfand, Fan Li
2014 Hudson, Kayla Mariko   Bayesian Modeling of Tissue-Specific Gene Expression Barbara Englelhardt
2014 Levac, Gabrielle Co-Founder, Head of Products, FathomAl, Sep   Graduation with Distinction - Model Selection of Hierarchical Bayes Conjoint Analysis Merlise Clyde
2014 Liao, Shirley Xueli Doctoral Researcher, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Aug 2014  Cross Analysis of Insulin Pump Therapy Using Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Dalene Stangl
2014 Pospisil, Taylor G Data Scientist, Google, Jun 2019  Graduation with Distinction - Exploring Political Blog Data with Dynamic Topic Modeling David Banks
2014 Ruffin, Matthew Joshua Analyst, Advanced Scouting, Minnesota Twins, Jan 2019  Call to the Bullpen: The Effectiveness of Pitching Changes Made Near the End of Professional Baseball Games Jerry Reiter
2014 Spangher, Lucas PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Berkeley, Aug 2017  Graduation with Highest Distinction -  Emulation, Interpolation, and Classification of a Wind Turbine Fluid Model James Berger
2014 Zhang, Yuci Associate, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Morgan Stanley, Jun 2016  Graduation with Distinction - Stochastic Beta Modeling for Asset Pricing by Sector in U.S. Equity Markets Li Ma
2013 Balthazar, David Operations, Virtual Kitchen Co, Aug 2019 Graduation with Distinction - A Statistical Explanation for the Fall in U.S. Automobile Fatalities  
2013 Bowley, Rachel Lyn Senior Data Scientist, Economic Graph Analytics, LinkedIn, Oct 2018 Bayesian Methods for Biomarker Predictrions of HIV Infection  
2013 Byrum, Travis Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sep 2017, Software Engineer, Sayari Labs, May 2019 Wavelet Based Anaysis of Accelerometer Profiles in Fitness Intervention Study Surya Tokdar
2013 Cheng, Christine H Sr. Actuarial Associate, Kaiser Permanente, May 2020 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Missing Data Refreshment Samples Jerry Reiter
2013 Chiraz, Julianne M Senior Manager, Data Insights and Research, Xandr, Jul 2017  Causal Inference in Observational Studies: Estimating the Relationship between Physical Activity and Life Satisfaction  
2013 Fu, Minyang Jack Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School -Massachusetts General Hospital, Jun 2018  Graduation with Distinction - On the Variance-Bias Tradeoff of Propensity Score Weighting Fan Li, Surya Tokdar
2013 Gong, Yoohyeon Senior Consultant, Oliver Wyman, Jan 2020  Comparative Effectiveness Research: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Using Bayesian Method  
2013 Hascoe, Amanda Leigh Sales Finance Manager, Twitter, Inc, Sep 2018 The Yahoo! Music Rating Challenge David Banks
2013 Kim, Arthur Sohn Ph.D. (Finance), University of Rochester's Simon School of Business Administration Variance in Volatility: A Foray into the Analysis of the VIX and the J.P. Morgan RiskMetrics Model with Regard to the Standard and Poor 500  
2013 Li, Daniel Medical Student, Ohio State University, College of Medicine Graduation with Highest Distinction - Accounting for Concomitant Variables: Lipid Adjustment for Chemiscal Exposures  
2013 Li, Kequan Associate Actuary, Prudential Financial, Sep 2016  Spatial Analysis on the North Carolina Detailed Birth Records Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
2013 Pulisetty, Tejas Resident Physician, Mount Sinai Health System, 2017  Bayesian Method of Identifying and Distinquishing Gene Regulatory Effects in eQTLs with Weighted Adjacency Networks  
2012 Bastian, Peter Bartlett Director, Finance & Strategy, Spray Products Corporation, Mar 2019  Examining Influences of the Sharp Decline in U.S. Automobile Accident Fatalities, 2004-2009 David Banks
2012 Berchuck, Samuel Postdoctoral Scholar at Duke Forge, Duke University, May 2018  Graduation with Distinction - Identifying Point Mutations in High-Throughput RNA Sequencing Data Joseph Lucas
2012 Cannon, Andrew James Statistician, Sports Writer, Boston Celtics, Jul 2013 Protecting the Basketball Careers of High School Prospects Through Multiple Regression Series Jerry Reiter
2012 Chan, Adrian   Pricing Financial Derivatives with Multi-Task Machine Learning and Gaussian Process Regression Sayan Mukherjee
2012 Cohen, Jonathan L M&A Advisory Manager, Deloitte, Aug 2018 Interactive Agent-Based SIR and Gravity Models with Applications to the H1N1 Flu Pandemic (2009) in California David Banks
2012 Eastman, William R Manager, Statistical Science, Genova Diagnostics, Asheville, 2019 Bayesian Non-Stationary Modeling of Extreme Values in Interest Rate Fluctuation  Surya Tokdar
2012 Fan, Melanie M Vice President, Ampersand Capital Partners, Aug 2018 Graduation with Distinction - Dynamic Factor Models in International Equity Markets Surya Tokdar
2012 Gierada, Sonya Elise Head of Data Science, Marketing, Carwow, Oct 2018 The Basis of Oasis: An Investigation of the Effect of an Online Literacy Platform on Longitudinal Growth in Reading Ability James Berger
2012 Gustafson, Sarah H Data Scientist, Gusto, Jan 2019 Spatial and Temporal Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling of Ecological Data  
2012 Hwang, Jacob Data & Analytics Modeler, KPMG, Aug 2016  Impact of Family History on Patient Behavior Elizabeth Hauser
2012 Jiang, Yue Assistant Professor, Statistical Science, Duke University,  Jan 2020    
2012 Kang, Young-Su Manager, Mirae Asset Global Investments, Mar 2019 Volatility Forecasting: Extended Stochastic Volatility Model Surya Tokdar
2012 Petrova, Ekaterina A Founder, Ruby Ray, Jul 2017 Employing Regression Discontinuity Design to Evaluate Grant Effect on Dropout Rate in Italian Universities Fan Li
2012 Skinner, Lindsey Kershaw Management Consultant, Accenture Biomarker Prediction of HIV Infection James Berger
2012 Tenekedjieva, Ana-Maria K Ph.D. Student in Finance, Chicago Booth School of Business, 2014  Graduation with Distinction - Missing Data in Financial Modeling Michael Brandt, Dalene Stangl
2012 Xie, Meng Amy PhD Student in Statistical Science at Duke Graduation with Highest Distinction - Discount-Weighted Bayesian Model Averaging for Portfoliio Decisions in Matrix Variate Dynamic Linear Models Mike West
2012 Yuan, Xiaoxiao  Senior Manager, International Business Development, Tencent Pictures, Nov 2018 Graduation with Distinction - Persistence, Leverage Effects, Jumps and Heavy-tails in International Equity Markets Li Ma
2011 Duan, Hudson H Actor/Writer/Producer, High Fantasy Pictures, Feb 2017 LSAMP and GATA2: A Study of Correlation Between  Two Genes Associated with Coronary Artery Disease  
2011 Hang, Derrick M Head of Analytics, Mapbox, May 2018 Graduation with Highest Distinction - High-Frequency Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Volatility in Finance Mike West
2011 Hwang, Jao-Hong Colin Medical Informaticist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, 2016  Causal Inference with Intermediate Variables Fan Li
2011 Magee, Katherine Elizabeth Communications Marketing Manager, Drager, Germany, Jul 2011  Statistics in cancer genomics Merlise Clyde
2011 McGuire, Aaron Lead Data Scientist & Technology Head, 2nd Order Solutions, Aug 2015  Effects of Position and Baseline Age on NBA Player Production  Curves Jerry Reiter
2011 Oh, Yoonsoo Assistant Researcher, Yonsei University College of Dentisty Department of Prosthodontics Statistical Issues in Metabolomics: Bayesian Inference for Ion Dectector Machines David Banks
2011 Seo, Michael J PhD Program, Biostatistics, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland, 2019  Graduation with High Distinction - Improved MCMC Sampling for Bayesian CART Scott Schmidler
2011 Timsah, Jamal Manager, Aetna, NYC, Feb 2018  Normative Data for Visual, Auditory, and Sentence Completion Word-Finding Using the Snodgrass and Vanderwart 260-Object Set Merlise Clyde
2011 Zheng, Siyu BI Analyst, Alaska Airlines, Aug 2016 Modelling Non-Ignorable Missing Data Mechanism in Panel Studies Using Refreshment Samples Jerry Reiter
2011 Zhou, Xiaocong Investment Banker,  Emerging Growth & Regional Coverage, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Apr 2013 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Dynamic Factor Volatility Correlation Models Mike West
2011 Zhu, Yiwen Founding Partner & Portfolio Manager, Lorica Asset Management, Aug 2018 Graduation with Highest Distinction - Contagion: Extreme Calues in International Equity Markets Rebecca Steorts
2010 Cai, Haolan Sr. Financial Analyst, Capital One Finance Bayesian Modelling and Analysis of Stochastic Volatility Mike West
2010 Hinnant, Adam L Vice President, Commodity Trading, Wells Fargo Securites, Mar 2016 Statistical Modeling of Volatility in the Financial Markets  
2010 Joo, Eun Grace Marketing Science Manager at Biogen, Weston, MA,  Apr 2019 Variability in Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Clearance Rate Following Very Early Pregnancy Loss  
2010 Lee, Sharon Product Manager, Google, Mar 2017  Testing Statistical Transcription Factor-Binding Site Interactions and ZNF217 Contribution to Coronary Artery Disease Risk  
2010 Lyngaas, Michael Anthony Director of Product Management, Ethos Life, Apr 2020 Using Random Forests to Multiply Impute Missing Data Jerry Reiter
2010 McCormack, Sean M Co-Founder, Stockfuse.com, Apr 2012  Modeling and Forecasting of Extreme Stock Market Returns  
2009 Bhupalam, Nihar Chandra Group Product Manager Mixpanel 2015  Graduation with Distinction - Statistical Analysis of the Housing Market on a Regional Basis Mike West
2009 Clark, Anne Louise Recent MS Graduate in Biostatistics, Columbia University, Currently seeking employment Identifying Population Structure in SNP Data  
2009 Gehring, Ryan Daniel Data Science Facebook, Oct 2017  Statistics in Poker David Banks
2009 Reeson, Craig Robert Quantitative Researcher Two Sigma Feb 2019  Graduation with Highest Dinstinction - Financial Time Series Graphical Modelling and Portfolio Analysis Mike West
2009 Tolson, Matthew David Director, comScore Inc July 2009  Mapping Language Processing in the Brain Merlise Clyde