Our Postdoc Alums

During the summer of 2024, we will be updating all of our alumni pages. Please stay tuned.


Year Name Employment
2020-2020 Patino, Jairo Alberto Fuquene Assistant Professor, Statistics, University of California, Davis, Jul 2020
2019-2020 Chandra, Noirrit Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, Jul 2020
2019-2019 Dumitrascu, Bianca  Member, School of Mathematics, Special Year on Optimization, Statistics, and Theoretical Machine Learning, Institute for Advanced Study, 2020
2018-2020 Ellison, Victoria Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jun 2020
2018-2020 Roy, Arkaprava Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, University of Florida, Jun 2020
2017-2019 Kaplan, Andee Assistant Professor, Statistics, Colorado State University, Aug 2019
2017-2019 Mukhopadhyay, Minerva Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Jan 2019
2017-2019 Thoppe, Gugan Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Dec 2020
2017-2018 Chevallier, Emmanuel Pierre Assistant Professor, Aix-Marseille University in France, Sep 2018
2017-2018 Dutta, Subhajit Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology, Aug 2018
2017-2018 Huang, Huang Postdoctoral Associates, National Center for Atmospheric Research
2016-2019 Han, Shaobo Senior Researcher, NEC Laboratories America Inc, Jun 2023
2016-2018 Jones, David E. Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University
2016-2017 Zhang, Zhengwu Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Jan 2021
2015-2019 Barrientos, Andrés Felipé  Assistant Professor, Statistics, Florida State University, 2019
2015-2018 Betancourt, Brenda Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Florida, Aug 2018
2015-2017 Jaeger, Adam Assistant Professor, Wichita State University, Aug 2018
2015-2017 Li, Meng Noah Harding Assistant Professor of Statistics, Rice University, Jul 2017
2015-2017 Sadinle Garcia-Ruiz, Mauricio Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, University of Washington, Sep 2017
2014-2017 DeYoreo, Maria Statistician, Rand Corporation, Jul 2019
2014-2017 Sarkar, Abhra Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, Aug 2017
2014-2016 Datta, Jyotishka Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Aug 2016
2014-2016 Li, Cheng Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, National University of Singapore, 2016
2014-2016 Miller, Jeffrey Assistant Professor, Biostatistics,  Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2016
2014-2016 Monod, Anthea Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Biomathematics, Imperial College London, Jul 2020, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University
2014-2016 Taylor-Rodriguez, Daniel Assistant Professor, Portland State University, Sep 2017
2014-2015 Gao, Wei Professor of Statistics, Xi'an University of Finance and Economics, China
2013-2015 Schliep, Erin Associate Professor,  Statistics, University of Missouri, Sep 2021
2013-2015 Srivastava, Sanvesh Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Iowa, Aug 2015
2013-2014 Fosdick, Bailey Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics & Informatics, Colorado School of Public Health,  Aug 2022
2013-2014 Guo, Xin VP Bioinformatics, Apostle, Inc and Co-Founder, Mar 2017
2012-2015 Kim, Hang Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Aug 2015
2012-2014 Guhaniyogi, Rajarshi Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Jul 2021
2012-2014 Lin, Lizhen Robert and Sara Lumpkins Associate Professor in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Notre Dame, Jul 2020
2012-2014 Lock, Eric Associate Professor, Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, 2020
2012-2014 Lopiano, Kenny Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development, Roundtable Analytics, Mar 2014
2012-2014 Minsker, Stanislav Assistant Professor, Math, University of Southern California, Aug 2015
2012-2014 Rao, Vinayak Assistant Professor, Statistics, Purdue University, Aug 2020
2012-2014 Som, Agniva Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Amazon India, Apr 2018
2012-2014 Vogelstein, Joshua Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University, Aug 2014, Co-Founder, Gigantum, Apr 2017
2012-2013 Batista, Sandra Senior Lecturer, University of Southern California, Aug 2017
2012-2013 Bhattacharya, Anirban Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Sep 2018
2012-2013 Monteiro, Joao Principal Clinical Data Scientist, Medtronic, Mar 2018
2011-2015 Strawn, Nathan Assistant Professor, Georgetown University, Aug 2015
2011-2013 Brynjarsdottir, Jenny Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Aug 2013
2011-2013 Tchumtchoua Kabisa, Sylvie Analytics Software Tester, SAS Institute, Dec 2015
2011-2012 Ekici, Oya Assistant Professor, Political Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Istanbul University, 2018
2011-2012 Irincheeva, Irina Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, CSL Behring, Aug 2020
2011-2012 Zhu, Hongxiao Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, Aug 2012
2010-2013 Manrique Vallier, Daniel Associate Professor, Statistics, Indiana University Bloomington, Jul 2019
2010-2012 Hannah, Lauren A  Senior Research Scientist, Health Al, Apple, May 2020
2010-2012 Zhu, Bin Tenure Track Investigator, Biostatistics Branch, NCI/DCEG, NIH - National Cancer Center, 2012
2009-2012 Ghosh, Souparno Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Fall 2019
2009-2011 Burgette, Lane Statistician, RAND Corporation, Sep 2011
2009-2011 Fox, Emily Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle, 2020
2009-2011 Merl, Daniel M Machine Intelligence Group Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2019
2008-2011 Manolopoulou, Ioanna Associate Professor, University College London, Oct 2018
2008-2009 Das, Sourish Associate Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Jan 2019
2007-2008 Shen, Haige Lead Statistician, China Novartis Institutes of Biomedical  Research, Sep 2013
2006-2007 Carvalho, Carlos Marinho La Quinta Centennial Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, Jul 2010 
2005-2006 Zhai, Jun Senior Consultant, Cardno ENTRIX, Sep 2011
2004-2004 Yuan, Weishi Vivian Mathematical Statistician (Biomedical), USFDA, Silver Springs MD, 2018
2002-2005 Dobra, Adrian Professor, University of Washington, Mar 2020
2002-2004 Barber, Jarrett  Adjunct Faculty, School of Mathematical & Statistical Science, Arizona State University, 2011
2002-2004 Jones, Mary Beatrix  Associate Professor, Massey University, NZ, Feb 2022
2002-2003 Valeva, Anna Associate Professor, Decision Sciences, Western Illinois University, Jun 2013
2001-2004 Clarke, Jennifer L  Professor, Director, Quantitative Life Science Initiative, Department of Statistics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Jul 2013
2001-2003 Krause, Jeff Statistician, Program Manager, Social and Scientific Systems, Mar 2016
2000-2003 McBride, Sandra Principal Investigator, DLH Corporation, Oct 2018
2000-2002 Kottas, Athanasios  Professor of Statistics, University of California, Santa Cruz, Sep 2002
2000-2001 Ashih, Heidi Wen Statistical Consultant, American College of Radiology, Jan 2017 
2000-2001 Chattopadhyay, Somesh Instructor, George Washington University
1999-2002 Lee, Herbie K  Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Professor of Statistics and Applied Mathematics, University of California at Santa Cruz, Sep 2010
1999-2001 Spang, Ranier Chair of Statistical Bioinformatics Department, Institute of Functional Genomics, Statistical Bioinformatics, University of Regensburg, 2006
1999-2001 Zuzan, Harry Principal Statistician, MicroByre, Dec 2019-Nov 2020
1999-2000 Lee, Jaeyong  Professor, Department of Statistics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Jul 2003
1999-2000 Swall, Jenise L. Associate Professor of Statistics, Virginia Commonwealth University, Aug 2011 
1995-1997 Damien, Paul B.M. (Mack) Rankin, Jr., Professor of Business Administration, University of Texas, Austin
1992-1994 Erkanli, Alaattin Associate Professor, Department of (B&B)Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University School of Medicine, Jun 1993