Our Ph.D. Alums

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Year Name Employment Dissertation Advisor
2021 Ferrari, Federico Postdoc, Harvard School of Public Health PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Interaction Estimation with High-Dimensional Dependent Predictors David Dunson
2021 Li, Bai Applied Scientist II, Amazon, May 2021 PhD Dissertation - Privacy and Robustness of Deep Neural Networks Larry Carin
2021 Zeng, Shuxi Research Scientist, Facebook PhD Disertation - Modeling and Methodological Advances in Causal Inference Fan Li
2020 Cunningham, Erika   PhD Dissertation - A Data-Retaining Framework for Tail Estimation Surya Tokdar
2020 Gorsky, Shai Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Aug 2020 PhD Dissertation-Nonparametric Methods for Analysis & Modeling of Complex Multivariate Distributions Li Ma
2020 Lavine, Isaac Quantitative Researcher, Susquehanna International Group, LLP, Jul 2020 PhD Dissertation-Bayesian Computation for Variable Selection & Multivariate Forecasting in Dynamic Models Mike West
2020 Mao, Jialiang Applied Research Data Scientist, LinkedIn, Sep 2020 PhD Dissertation-Pyramid Multi-resolution Scanning for Two-sample Comparison  (Embargo) Li Ma
2020 Moran, Kelly Scientist II, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Winter 2020 PhD Dissertation-Advances in Bayesian Factor Modeling & Scalable Gaussian Process Regression Amy Herring
2020 Talbot, Austin Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University, School of Medicine, Psychiatry, Jan 2021 PhD Dissertation-Relating Traits to Electrophysiology Using Factor Models David Dunson
2019 Akande, Olanrewaju Assistant Professor of the Practice, Duke Social Science Research Institute and Statistical Science, Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation-Bayesian Models for Imputing Missing Data & Editing Erroneous Responses in Surveys Jerry Reiter
2019 Berry, Lindsay Rebecca Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultant, Inc., Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Dynamic Modeling and Forecasting of Count Time Series Mike West
2019 Burris, Kyle Statistical Analyst at Cleveland Indians, May 2019 PhD Dissertation - Advances in Survey Methodology and Sports Science Peter Hoff
2019 Coleman, Jacob Jake Sr. Quantitative Analyst, Los Angeles Dodgers, Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation-Topics in Bayesian Computer Model Emulation & Calibration with Applications to High Energy Particle Collisions Robert Wolpert
2019 Heck-Wortman, Joan (Jody) Pearson Director, Data Science, Democratic National Committee, Oct 2019 PhD Dissertation - Record Linkage Methods with Applications to Causal Inference and Election Voting Data Jerry Reiter
2019 Jauch, Michael Assistant Professor,  Florida State University, Aug 2022 PhD Dissertation-Random Orthogonal Matrices with Applications in Statistics Peter Hoff
2019 Lorenzi, Elizabeth Catherine Liz Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants, Inc., Jun 2019  PhD Dissertation-Advancements in Probabilistic Machine Learning & Causal Inference for Personalized Medicine Fan Li
2019 Patra, Sayan  Data Scientist, Applied Research, LinkedIn, Nov 2019  PhD Dissertation-Constrained Bayesian Inference through Posterior Projection with Applications David Dunson
2019 White, Philip Andrew Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University, Aug 2019  PhD Dissertation-Topics in Bayesian Spatiotemporal Prediction of Environmental Exposure Alan Gelfand
2019 Zaidi, Abbas Masud Causal Inference Researcher, Facebook, May 2019 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Inference Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Futoma, Joe Research Scientist, Apple, Jun 2020 PhD Dissertation-Gaussian Process-Based Models for Clinical Time Series in Healthcare Katherine Heller
2018 Larson, Gary J Statistical Analyst, Social & Scientific Systems, Oct. 2018  PhD Dissertation-Advances in Bayesian Modeling of Protein Structure Evolution Scott Schmidler
2018 Lindon, Michael S Senior Data Scientist, Experimentation Platform Team, Netflix, Nov 2020 PhD Dissertation-Continuous-Time Models of Arrival Times and Optimization Methods for Variable Selection Surya Tokdar
2018 Marion, Joseph Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants, Aug 2018 PhD Dissertation - Finite Sample Bounds and Path Selection for Sequential Monte Carlo Scott Schmidler
2018 Nguyen, Nghi Le Phuong Maggie Biostatistician, Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, Sep 2018   PhD Dissertation-Essays on Propensity Score Methods for Causal Inference in Observational Studies Fan Li
2018 Owens-Oas, Derek Technical Consultant, Data Scientist, Toptal, Feb 2020, Monitor, CDR Maguire, Mar 2021 PhD Dissertation-Probabilistic Models for Text in Social Networks David Banks
2018 Pena Pizarro, Victor Assistant Professor, Statistics, Baruch College, (Zicklin, CUNY) Aug 2018  PhD Dissertation-Bayesian Model Uncertainty and Foundations James Berger
2018 Van Den Boom, Willem Senior Research Fellow at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Dec 2021 PhD Dissertation-Tailored Scalable Dimensionality Reduction David Dunson
2018 Wang, Lu Assistant Professor, Central South University, Jul 2018 PhD Dissertation - Statistical Modeling of Brain Network Data David Dunson
2018 Wang, Ye Eric Research Scientist, Facebook, Jun 2018  PhD Dissertation-Bayesian Computation for High-Dimensional Continuous & Sparse Count Data David Dunson
2017 Chai, Christine Data Scientist, Microsoft, Jul 2021 PhD Dissertation - Statistical Issues in Quantifying Text Mining Performance David Banks
2017 Chen, Xi Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Securities, Mar 2020  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Dynamic Modeling for Streaming Network Data Mike West
2017 Christensen, Jonathan C Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University, Aug 2018  PhD Dissertation -Applications and Computation of Stateful Polya Trees Li Ma
2017 Crawford, Lorin Anthony Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Brown University, Jul 2017, Principal Researcher, Microsoft, Jun 2022 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Kernel Models for Statistical Genetics and Cancer Genomics Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Dalzell, Nicole M Assistant Teaching Professor in Statistics, Wake Forest University, Aug 2017  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Approaches to File Linking with Faulty Data Jerry Reiter
2017 Hellmayr, Christoph Research Scientist, 84.51°, Dec 2018 PhD Dissertation - Non-Parametric Priors for Functional Data and Partition Labelling Models Alan Gelfand
2017 Johnson, Matthew Matt Research Scientist, Amazon, Jul 2020 PhD Dissertation -  Bayesian Predictive Synthesis: Forecast Calibration and Combination Mike West
2017 Kyzyurova, Ksenia N   PhD Dissertation - On Uncertainty Quantification for Systems of Computer Models James Berger, Robert Wolpert
2017 McAlinn, Kenichiro Assistant Professor of Statistical Science, Fox School of Business,  Temple University, Jul 2019 PhD Dissertation - Dynamic Modeling & Bayesian Predictive Synthesis Mike West
2017 Shirota, Shinichiro Assistant Professor, Statistics, Department of Commerce, Meiji University, Tokyo, Apr 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modeling & Computation for Complex Spatial Point Patterns Alan Gelfand
2016 Glynn, Christopher Principal Economist, Zillow, Feb 2021 PhD Dissertation - Advances in Dynamic Modeling and Computation for Count Data Surya Tokdar
2016 Gu, Mengyang Michael Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara, Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation - Robust Uncertainty Quantification and Scalable Computation for Computer Models with Massive Output James Berger
2016 Irie, Kaoru Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Statistics, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo, Jun 2016  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Emulation for Sequential Modeling, Inference and Decision Analysis Mike West
2016 Johndrow, James E Stein Fellow/Lecturer, Stanford University, Sep 2016, Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation -  Bayesian Inference in Large-Scale Problems David Dunson
2016 Schifeling, Tracy Anne Data Scientist, Housecall Pro, Jan 2021 PhD Dissertation - Combining Information from Multiple Sources in Bayesian Modeling Jerry Reiter
2016 Wang, Xiangyu Software Engineer, Google, Sep 2016  PhD Dissertation - Distributed Feature Selection in Large N and Large P Regression Problems David Dunson
2016 Wei, Lan Sophia Director of Marketing Science, In4mation Insights, Sep 2016-2017 PhD Dissertation - Methods for Imputing Missing Values and Synthesizing Confidential Values for Continuous and Magnitude Data Jerry Reiter
2015 Chang, Shih-Han Sean Research Scientist, Facebook, Apr 2019  PhD Dissertation - Interfaces Between Bayesian and Frequentist Multiple Testing James Berger
2015 Hu, Jingchen Monika Assistant Professor of Statistics, Vassar College, Jul 2015  PhD Dissertation - Dirichlet Process Mixture Models for Nested Categorical Data Jerry Reiter
2015 Jarrett, Nicholas Walton Research Scientist, 84.51°, 2015  PhD Dissertation - Nonlinear Prediction in Credit Forecasting and Cloud Computing Deployment Optimization Sayan Mukherjee
2015 Kunihama, Tsuyoshi Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University, Apr 2017  PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayes Analysis of Social Science Data David Dunson
2015 McClure, David Robert Consultant, Risk Advisory, Deloitte, UK Apr 2016  PhD Dissertation - Relaxations of Differential Privacy & Risk/Utility Evaluations of Synthetic Data & Fidelity Measures Jerry Reiter
2015 Qamar, Shaan Data Science Manager, Google, Oct 2020  PhD Dissertation - Topics in Bayesian Computation for Streaming Data & Structured Sparse Regression David Dunson
2015 Soriano, Jacopo Staff Data Scientist, Google, Nov 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Methods for Two-Sample Comparison Li Ma
2015 St. Thomas, Brian Senior Data Scientist, Spotify, Jun 2017  PhD Dissertation  - Linear Subspace and Manifold Learning Via Extrinsic Geometry Sayan Mukherjee
2015 Vanderwerken, Douglas N Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, United States Naval Academy, Jul 2015  PhD Dissertation - Monitoring and Improving Markov Chain Monte Carlo Convergence by Partitioning Scott Schmidler
2015 Zhao, Yi Zoey Quantitative Researcher, Citadel, LLC, Jan 2015  PhD Dissertation -  Bayesian Multiregression Dynamic Models with Applications in Finance & Business Mike West
2014 Au, Timothy C Staff Statistician, Google, Nov 2019 PhD Dissertation - Topics in Computational Advertising Li Ma
2014 Broadbent, Mary Beth Data Scientist, Google, Jun 2016  PhD Dissertation - Semiparametric Bayesian Regression with Applications in Astronomy Robert Wolpert
2014 Heard, Daniel Business Strategy Analyst, USAA, Jan 2020 PhD Dissertation - Statistical Inference Utilizing Agent Based Models David Banks
2014 Leininger, Thomas J Senior Manager, Data Science, Jan 2019  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns Alan Gelfand
2014 Paiva, Thais Viana Assistant Professor, Statistics, Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Mar 2016  PhD Dissertation - Multiple Imputation Methods for Nonignorable Nonresponse, Adaptive Survey Design, and Dissemination of Synthetic Geographies Jerry Reiter
2014 Terres, Maria A Senior Data Scientist, Waymo, Oct 2018  PhD Dissertation - Multivariate Spatial Process Gradients with Environmental Applications Alan Gelfand
2014 Yang, Yun Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley, Sep 2014  PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayes for Big Data David Dunson, Surya Tokdar
2013 Banerjee, Anjishnu Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Jun 2019 PhD Dissertation - Scalable Nonparametric Bayes Learning David Dunson
2013 Bonassi, Fernando Vieira Quantitative Analyst, YouTube Data Science Team, Google, Jan 2015 PhD Dissertation - Approximate Bayesian Computation for Complex Dynamic Systems Mike West
2013 Challis, Christopher Manager, Data Sciences, Adobe, Apr 2017  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Structural Phylogenetics Scott Schmidler
2013 Li, Yingbo Senior Manager, Research Data Science, Capital One, Jun 2017  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Model Choice Merlise Clyde
2013 Montagna, Silvia Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor at University of Turin, Jan 2018  PhD Dissertation - On Bayesian Analyses of Functional Regression, Correlated Functional Data and Non-Homogeneous Computer Models Surya Tokdar
2013 Murray, Jared Scott Assistant Professor, Statistics and Machine Learning, The University of Texas at Austin, Jul 2017 PhD Dissertation - Some Recent Advances in Non- and Semiparametric Bayesian Modeling with Copulas, Mixtures, and Latent Variables Jerry Reiter
2013 Petralia, Francesca Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Sep 2016  PhD Dissertation  - Structured Bayesian Learning Through Mixture Models David Dunson
2013 Wang, Fangpo Senior Data Scientist, Adobe, May 2016  PhD Dissertation - Space and Space-Time Modeling of Directional Data Alan Gelfand
2013 Wang, Jianyu Lecturer, Indiana University Bloomington, Aug 2016  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modeling and Adaptive Monte Carlo with Geophysics Applications  Scott Schmidler, Robert Wolpert
2012 Bhattacharya, Anirban Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Sep 2018 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Semi-Parametric Factor Models David Dunson
2012 Cron, Andrew Jonathan SVP, Chief Scientist, 84.51°, Jul 2021  PhD Dissertation - Mixture Modeling, Sparse Covariance Estimation and Parallel Computing in Bayesian Analysis Mike West
2012 Cui, Kai

Managing Director and Head of Data Science, Neuberger Berman Investment Advisors, since Jan 2021

PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modeling and Computation for Mixed Data David Dunson
2012 Lin, Lin Lynn Assistant Professor of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University, Aug 2015  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Variable Selection in Clustering and Hierarchical Mixture Modeling Mike West
2012 Nakajima, Jouchi Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, Apr 2022 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Latent Threshold Models Mike West
2012 Pati, Debdeep Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Sep 2017  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling and Theory for Complex Data David Dunson
2012 Si, Yajuan Sophie

Research Associate Professor (with tenure), Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Sep 2022

PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayesian Methods for Multiple Imputation of Large Scale Incomplete Categorical Data in Panel Studies Jerry Reiter
2012 Wang, Xiaojing Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Aug 2012  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modeling Using Latent Structures James Berger
2011 Hahn, P Richard Associate Professor of Statistics at Arizona State University, Aug 2017  PhD Dissertation  -  Probability Models for Targeted Borrowing of Information Sayan Mukherjee
2011 Heaton, Matthew J Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University, Jul 2019  PhD Dissertation - Kernel Averaged Predictors for Space and Space-Time Processes Alan Gelfand
2011 Lopes, Danilo Lourenco Residues Field Manager, Bayer, Jan 2020  PhD Dissertation - Development and Implementation of Bayesian Computer Model Emulators James Berger, Robert Wolpert
2011 Mayrink, Vinicius D Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (UFMG), 2012  PhD Dissertation - Factor Models to Describe Linear and Non-linear Structure in High Dimensional Gene Expression Data Joseph Lucas
2011 Mukherjee, Chiranjit Senior Data Scientist, Google, Aug 2019  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modelling and Computation in Dynamic and Spatial Systems Mike West
2011 Shi, Minghui Data Scientist, Google, Aug 2015  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Sparse Learning for High Dimensional Data David Dunson
2010 Chakraborty, Avishek Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fall 2020 PhD Dissertation - Modeling Point Patterns, Measurement Error and Abundance for Exploring Species Distributions Alan Gelfand
2010 Gray, Simone C Statistician, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Feb 2012  PhD Dissertation - Spatial Modeling of Measurement Error in Exposure to Air Pollution Alan Gelfand
2010 Lum, Kristian Catherine Research Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Mar 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Spatial Quantile Regression Alan Gelfand
2010 Schwartz, Scott Lee Statistical Geneticist and Bioinformatics Scientist, Texas A&M University, Jul 2011 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Mixture Modeling Approaches for Intermediate Variables and Causal Inference Fan Li, Jerry Reiter
2010 Wang, Hao Senior Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Capital Management, Jan 2020 PhD Dissertation -  Bayesian multi- and matrix- variate modelling: Graphical models and time series Mike West
2010 Wilson-Quintana, Melanie A  Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants, Inc., Apr 2013 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Model Uncertainty and Prior Choice with Applications to Genetic Association Studies Edwin Iversen, Merlise Clyde
2010 Yang, Hongxia Senior Staff Data Scientist & Director, Alibaba Group, Sep 2016  PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayes Models for High-Dimensional and Sparse Data David Dunson
2009 Bullard, Floyd A Instructor of Mathematics, NC School of Science and Mathematics, 1999  PhD Dissertation - Exoplanet Detection: A Comparison of Three Statistics or How Long Should It Take To Find a Small Planet? Michael Lavine
2009 Ji, Chunlin Vice President for Research and Education, Kuang-Chi Institute of Advance Technology, Apr 2010  PhD Dissertation - Advances in Bayesian Modelling and Computation: Spatio-temporal Processes, Model Assessment and Adaptive MCMC Mike West
2009 Lunagomez, Simon Lecturer in Statistical Modelling for Networks & Structured Data, Lancaster University, Mar 2017  PhD Dissertation - A Geometric Approach for Inference on Graphical Models Sayan Mukherjee, Robert Wolpert
2009 Mao, Kai AVP Citigroup, Oct 2010 PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Supervised Dimension Reduction and Regression Sayan Mukherjee
2009 Niemi, Jarad Bohart Associate Professor, Iowa State University, Aug 2017  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis and Computational Methods for Dynamic Modeling Mike West
2009 Scott, James Gordon Associate Professor, Joint appointment in the McCombs School of Business and the Department of Statistics & Data Sciences, University of Texas of Austin, Sep 2015  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Adjustment for Multiplicity James Berger
2008 Ghosh, Joyee Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, The University of Iowa, Jul 2016  PhD Dissertation - Efficient Bayesian Computation and Model Search in Linear Hierarchical Models Merlise Clyde
2008 Mitra, Robin Senior Lecturer, University of Cardiff, Sep 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Methods to Impute Missing Covariates for Causal Inference and Model Selection Jerry Reiter
2008 Ouyang, Zhi Data Science Manager, Apple, Jun 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Additive Regression Kernels Merlise Clyde, Robert Wolpert
2008 Pillai, Natesh Sivasubramonia Chief-Scientist, Correlation One, Jun 2019, Member of Scientific Advisory Board, HIAI Capital, Jan 2019, Professor, Department of Statistics, Harvard University, Aug 2017 PhD Dissertation - Levy Random Measures: Posterior Consistency and Applications Robert Wolpert
2008 Puggioni, Gavino Associate Professor and Head of Statistics, Computer Science and Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Rhode Island, Jul 2018  PhD Dissertation - Using Data Augmentation and Stochastic Differential Equations in Spatio Temporal Modeling Alan Gelfand
2008 Sang, Huiyan Professor, Texas A&M University, Sep 2020 PhD Dissertation - Extreme Value Modeling For Space-Time Data With Meteorological Applications Alan Gelfand
2008 Vance, Eric Alan Associate Professor and Director of LISA (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis), University of Colorado Boulder, Aug 2016   PhD Dissertation - Statistical Methods for Dynamic Network Data David Banks
2008 Zhang, Liang Head of Pinterest Home Engineering, Pinterest, Sep 2020 PhD Disertation - Statistical Computation For Model Space Exploration In High-Dimensional Problems Mike West
2007 Chu, Jen-Hwa Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine, Dec 2015  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Function Estimation Using Overcomplete Dictionaries with Application in Genomics Merlise Clyde
2007 Kinney, Satkartar Kaur Research Statistician, RTI International, 2015  PhD Dissertation - Model selection and multivariate inference using data multiply imputed for disclosure limitation and nonresponse Jerry Reiter
2007 Leman, Scotland Charles Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Statistics-Aug 2008  PhD Dissertation - On Evolutionary Theory, Inference, and Simulation: A Genealogical Perspective Michael Lavine
2007 Liu, Fei Assistant Professor, Queens College, Retired PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Functional Data Analysis for Computer Model Validation James Berger
2007 Rodriguez, Abel Professor and Chair, University of Washington, Sep 2020 PhD Dissertation - Some Advances in Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling Alan Gelfand, David Dunson
2007 Shen, Haige Lead Statistician, China Novartis Institutes of Biomedical  Research, Sep 2013 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis in Cancer Pathway Studies and Probabilistic Pathway Annotation Mike West
2007 Woodard, Dawn Banister Technical Advisor, inBalance, Sep 2020, Distinguished Engineer/Scientist, LinkedIn, May 2022 PhD Dissertation - Conditions for Rapid and Torpid Mixing of Parallel and Simulated Tempering on Multimodal Distributions Scott Schmidler
2006 Carvalho, Carlos Marinho La Quinta Centennial Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, Jul 2010  PhD Dissertation - Structure and Sparsity in High-Dimensional Multivariate Analysis Mike West
2006 Duan, Jun Jason Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Jul 2008 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Nonparametric and Differential Equation Approaches Alan Gelfand
2006 House, Leanna Lynn Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Statistics-Aug 2008  PhD Dissertation - Nonparametric Bayesian Models in Expression Proteomic Applications Merlise Clyde, Robert Wolpert
2006 Lucas, Joseph Senior Research Scientist, Caravan Health, Jan 2021 PhD Dissertation - Sparsity Modeling for High Dimensional Systems: Applications in Genomics and Structural Biology Mike West, Scott Schmidler
2006 Luo, JingQin Rosy Co-Director, Assistant Professor, Siteman Cancer Center (SCC) Biostatistics Shared Resource, Division of Public Health Sciences, St. Louis, Oct 2020 PhD Dissertation - Model Selection, Covariance Selection and Bayes Classification via Shrinkage Estimators Merlise Clyde, Edwin Iversen
2006 Tu, Chong Senior Director, Fosun Group, 2015 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling Using Levy Process Priors with Applications for Function Estimation, Time Series Modeling and Spatio-Temporal Modeling Merlise Clyde, Robert Wolpert
2006 Wu, Yuhong Research Associate, Highridge Capital Management, Feb 2007  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Tree Models Mike West
2006 Xia, Gangqiang Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, New York City, Aug 2008  PhD Dissertation -  On Large Sample Size Issues in Spatial Statistics Alan Gelfand
2005 Hans, Christopher Mark Associate Professor of Statistics and Co-Director, Undergraduate Data Analytics Major, The Ohio State University-Feb 2014 PhD Dissertation - Regression Model Search and Uncertainty With Many Predictors Mike West
2005 Kohnen, Christine Noelle Assistant Professor, Statistics, University of Richmond, Aug 2014 PhD Dissertation - Using Multiply Imputed, Synthetic Data to Facilitate Data Sharing Jerry Reiter
2005 Liao, Ming Adjunct Professor, Business and Economics, Senior Advisor, New York University, 2017 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Models and Machine Learning with Gene Expression Analysis Applications Mike West
2004 Gunn, Laura Hilton Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, Director of Health Analytics and Outcomes Research Academy (HAnORA), UNC - Charlotte, Aug 2018  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Order Restricted Methods with Biomedical Applications David Dunson
2004 Rappold, Ana G. Statistician at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Jan 2005  PhD Dissertation - Using Expert Knowledge when the Data Model is Unknown with an Application In Modeling the Mixed Layer of the Atlantic Ocean Michael Lavine
2004 Rigat, Fabio Maria UK Head, Oncology Statistics & Decision Sciences, Janssen (J&J), Nov. 2019  Beta Stacy Survival Models and Bayesian Weibull Survival Trees Mike West
2003 Calder, Catherine (Kate) Professor and Chair of Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, Aug 2019 PhD Dissertation - Exploring Latent Structure in Spatial Temporal Processes Using Process Convolutions David Higdon, Michael Lavine
2003 Horst, Enrique ter  Associate Professor, Universidad de Los Andes Aug 2017 PhD Dissertation - A Lévy generalization of compound Poisson processes in Finance: Theory and applications Robert Wolpert
2003 Liechty, Merrill Windous Clinical Professor - Decision Sciences and MIS, Drexel University, Consultant, In4mation Insights, 2009  PhD Dissertation - Covariance Matrices and Skewness: Modeling and Applications in Finance Peter Mueller
2003 Molina, German Co-Founder, Quantitative Portfolio Manager, and Head of Quantitative Trading, Idalion Capital, Nov 2012-Nov 2018 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Stochastic Computation, with Application to Model Selection and Inverse Problems James Berger
2003 Ter Horst Gomez, Enrique Alejandro Associate Professor, Universidad de Los Andes, Aug 2017  PhD Dissertation - A Lévy generalization of compound Poisson processes in Finance: Theory and applications Robert Wolpert
2002 Chen, Sining Adjunct Professor, Data Science Institute, Co-Director of Capstone, Columbia University in the City of New York, Jan  2019 PhD Dissertation - A Deformation Model for Images Valen Johnson
2002 Ferreira, Marco Antonio Rosa Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Statistics, Virginia Tech, 2014  PhD Dissertatio - Bayesian Multi-scale Modelling Mike West
2002 Holloman, Christopher Haydon Sr. Director of Analytics, REX Aug 2020 PhD Dissertation - Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Computationally Intensive Spatial Problems David Higdon
2002 Paulo, Rui Miguel Batista Associate Professor, ISEG-School of Economics and Management, Jun 2017 PhD Dissertation - Problems on the Bayesian/Frequentist Interface James Berger
2002 Ponisciak, Stephen Michael Research Associate, Alliance for Catholic Education at University of Notre Dame, Oct 2015  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Teacher Effectiveness Valen Johnson, Dalene Stangl
2002 Zhou, Xi Kathy Director, MS Program, Biostatistics and Data Science, Weill Cornell Medicine, Nov 2020 PhD Dissertation - Classification of Missense Mutations of Disease Genes Edwin Iversen, Giovanni Parmigiani
2001 De Iorio, Maria Professor, Biostatistics, University College, London, Sep 2011  PhD Dissertation - Markov Random Fields at Multiple Resolutions and an ANOVA Model for Dependent Random Measures Michael Lavine
2000 Ashih, Heidi Wen Statistical Consultant, American College of Radiology, Jan 2017  PhD Dissertation-Joint Estimation of Mammographic Sensitivity and Tumor Growth Donald Berry, Giovanni Parmigiani
2000 Gudbjartsson, Daniel Fannar VP Applied Statistics, deCODE Genetics, Iceland, 1998  PhD Distribution - Multipoint Linkage Analysis based on Allele Sharing Models Giovanni Parmigiani
2000 Kern II, John Charles Associate Dean/Associate Professor, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Duquesne University, Jul 2000  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Process-Convolution Approaches to Specifying Spatial Dependence Structure David Higdon
2000 Liu, Fang Jane Retired - from Equities Quantitative Strategies Group, UBS PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Time Series: Analysis Methods Using Simulation-Based Computation Mike West
2000 Lopes, Hedibert Freitas Full Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, Head of Data and Decision Sciences Group Insper Institute of Education and Research, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sep 2013  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis in Latent Factor and Longitudinal Models Mike West, Peter Mueller
2000 Lourdes, Viridiana Senior Data Scientist, Swing Education, Mar 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Multivariate Time Series, with Applications in Finance and Health Policy Mike West
1999 Inoue, Lurdes Yoshiko Tani Professor and Gilbert S. Omenn Endowed Chair in Biostatistics, University of Washington, Sep 2019 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Design and Analysis of Clinical Experiments (Abstract Only) Donald Berry
1999 Laading, Jacob Strategic Advisor, DNB, Aug 2021 PhD Dissertation - Practical Methodology for Inclusion of Modality-Specific Modifications in a Hierarchical Bayesian Deformation Model Valen Johnson
1999 Paddock, Susan Mary Executive Vice President and Chief Statistician, NORC, University of Chicago, May 2019 PhD Dissertation - Randomized Polya Trees: Bayesian Nonparametrics for Multivariate Data Analysis Mike West
1999 Stroud, Jonathan Associate Professor, Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, Aug 2015 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Nonlinear Time-Series Models (Abstract Only) Peter Mueller
1999 Swall, Jenise Lynn Associate Professor of Statistics, Virginia Commonwealth University, Aug 2011  PhD Dissertation - Nonstationary Spatial Modeling using a Process Convolution Approach David Higdon
1998 Aguilar, Omar Chief Investment Officer of Passive Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies at Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. Message San Francisco, CA, 2011 PhD Dissertation- Latent Structure in Bayesian Multivariate Time Series Models Mike West
1998 Huerta, Gabriel Statistician, Sandia National Laboratories, 2018  PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Latent Structure in Time Series Models Mike West
1998 McCulloch, Colin Engineering Manager, Google, 2015 PhD Dissertation - High-level Image Understanding Through Bayesian Hierarchical Models Valen Johnson
1998 Prado, Raquel Professor, Statistics, University of California Santa Cruz, CA, Jul 2001 PhD Dissertation - Latent Structure in Non-Stationary Time Series Mike West
1998 Tardella, Luca Professor, Statistical Science, Sapienza, Universita di Roma, 1997 PhD Dissertation - Some Topics in Bayesian Methodology (Abstract Only) Michael Lavine
1997 Chen, Yang Managing Director, BlackRock, Risk and Quantitative Analysis Group, NYC, Dec 2012 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Time Series: Financial Models and Spectral Analysis Mike West
1997 Li, Frank President, CEO, Panton, Inc. Jan 2014 PhD Dissertation - Time Deformation Models: Theory and Practice Mike West
1997 Petris, Giovanni Professor & Director of Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arkansas, 2000 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Long Memory Time Series Mike West
1997 Tebaldi, Claudia Research Fellow, Climate Central, Inc., 2013, Project Scientist III, Climate & Global Dynamics Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 2013 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Analysis of Network Flow Problems Mike West
1996 Sasinowska Desimone, Heather COO and Principal Statistician, Incogen, Inc., Jun 1999, Lecturer, The College of William and Mary, Aug 2016 PhD Dissertation - Prediction Using Orthogonalized Model Mixing Merlise Clyde, Giovanni Parmigiani
1996 Su, Fusheng Bio-Statistician, Genentech, USA Jan 2005 PhD Dissertation - Limit Theorems on Deviation Probabilities with Applications in Two-Armed Clinical Trials Donald Berry, Giovanni Parmigiani
1995 Wilson, Alyson Associate Vice Chancellor for National Security and Special Research Initiatives and Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State, Jan 2020 PhD Dissertation - Statistical Models for Shapes and Deformations Valen Johnson
1994 Gopalan, Ram VP, Biometrics, HUYABIO International, Jun 2021 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Multiple Comparisons Using Dirichlet Process Priors Donald Berry
1994 Li, Chengchang Vice President, HSBC, 2000 PhD Dissertation - Comparing Survival Data For Two Therapies: Nonhierarchical and Hierarchical Bayesian Approaches Donald Berry
1994 Qian, Jiang Jane Director, Data and Statistical Science, AbbVie, Inc, 2003 PhD Dissertation - A Bayesian Weibull Survival Model Donald Berry
1994 Ruggeri, Fabrizio Research Director, CNR IMATI, Italian National Research Council in Milano, 1988 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Nonparametrics, Robustness and Fréchet Classes Michael Lavine
1993 Cao, Guoliang Charlie Executive Director, Head of Biostatistics, Biogen, Oct 2020 PhD Dissertation - Bayesian Nonparametric Mixture Modeling Mike West
1993 Lin, Zhengning Vice President, Head of Biometrics, Ascendis Pharma, Inc., Mar 2017  PhD Dissertation - Statistical Methods for Combining Historical and Current Clinical Trial Data Donald Berry