Our M.S. Alums

Year Name Employment Portfolio/Thesis Advisor
2020 Byun, Yoon Woo Billy   MSS Portfolio Peter Hoff
2020 Cooper, Andrew H Master's Program, Statistical Science, Duke University, Aug 2018  MSS Portfolio - Identifying Musical Similarities Across Geographical Regions Merlise Clyde
2020 Coronado Sroka, Eduardo Sr. Analyst, McKinsey & Company, Aug 2020 MSS Portfolio - Hierarchical Mixed Model for Influenza Outbreak Detection Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Cozzi, Brian Thomas Data Scientist, Oak Street Health, May 2020 MSS Thesis - Bayesian Dynamic Network Modeling with Censored Flow Data Mike West
2020 Ding, Xinyue Miranda AI Health Intern Fellowship, DCRI MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Item Response Modeling for Assessing State Interventions Peter Hoff
2020 Fu, Siqi ML Division, Rotational Program, Restaurant Brands International MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Hierarchical Model Evaluating Heart Surgical Program Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Gong, Yiwei PhD Program, Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2020 MSS Portfolio - Modelling Diversity in the B Cell Repertoire David Dunson
2020 Han, Bin PhD Student, University of Washington, Information Science Department MSS Portfolio - Interpretable, Fair & Accurate Machine Learning for Criminal Recidivism Cynthia Rudin
2020 Jiang, Xiaoyu Billy Software Engineer, Amazon, Jul 2020 MSS Portfolio - Quantification of Cross-Shopping in E-Commerce David Dunson
2020 Kim, Min Chul Peter   MSS Portfolio - Email Classification with Machine Learning Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Klus, Jonathan Graduate Student, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 2020 MSS Portfolio - Developing a Clinical Decision Support Tool for  Talaromycosis:  A Case Study in Model Selection with Missing Data Peter Hoff
2020 Krapu, Christopher Luke Research Associate in GeoAl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sep 2020    
2020 Li, Didong Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University, Sep 2020    
2020 Lin, Yizi Research Asst., Ohio State University, College of Medicine MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Diagnosis Model for Fever in Moshi, Tanzania David Dunson
2020 Ren, Yangfan PhD Program, Statistics, Rice University, Aug 2020 MSS Portfolio - Missing Data Imputation for Voter Turnout Using Auxiliary Margins Jerry Reiter
2020 Si, Zhen Han Ricky Machine Learning Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA, May 2019 MSS Portfolio - Web Attack Detection Using Deep Learning Merlise Clyde
2020 Song, Lingxi   MSS Portfolio - Analysis & Implementation of K-Means++ with Parallel Initialization David Dunson
2020 Su, Eric Sr. Analyst, In4mation Insights, Oct 2020 MSS Portfolio - Analyzing Amazon CD Reviews with Bayesian Monitoring and Machine Learning Methods David Banks
2020 Suh, Christopher Research Assistant, Computer Science, Duke University, Sep 2018    
2020 Tang, Becky PhD Program, Duke University Statistical Science    
2020 Tierney, Graham PhD Program, Duke University Statistical Science    
2020 Valancius, Michael PhD Student, UNC-Chapel Hill, Biostatistics Dept. MSS Portfolio - Integrating Record Linkage & Propensity Score Matching David Dunson
2020 Voisin, Perry Sam Data Scientist, Geometric Data Analytics, Inc. MSS Portfolio - An Application of Graph Diffusion for Gesture Classification Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Wang, Zixi Software Engineer, Amazon MSS Portfolio - Generating Cartoon Characters with Style Generative Adversarial Network Merlise Clyde
2020 Wilson, Jennifer Sr. Business Analyst, Second Order Solutions MSS Portfolio - Hierarchical Modeling for Ranking Pediatric Heart Surgery Mortality Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Xu, Yuwei Emma Private Equity Analyst, Sthealth Fund, Jun 2020 Construction of Objective Bayesian Prior from Bertrand's Paradox & the Principle of Indifference Sayan Mukherjee
2020 Ye, Wenwen Data Engineer, Tencent, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Jul 2019 MSS Portfolio - Time-Varying Auto-Regression Model & Spectral Analysis of Financial Data  
2020 Yuan, Zheng PhD Program, Statistics, Northwestern University, Aug 2020    
2020 Zhang, Jingyi Actuarial Senior Analyst, Cigna, Jul 2020    
2020 Zhang, Julian Analyst Consultant, FICO, Jul 2018    
2020 Zhang, Kuazhuo Elaine Senior Investment Associate,QMA, Feb 2020 MSS Portfolio - Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Gun Violence Victims & Its Relation with Unemployment Rate in the USA David Dunson
2020 Zhao, Mingjie Data Scientist(QAS), Wells Fargo, Jul 2020    
2020 Zhong, Chudi PhD Student, Duke Computer Science, Aug 2020 MSC Portfolio - Generalized and Scalable Optimal Sparse Decision Trees Edwin Iversen
2020 Zhou, Yuren Henry PhD Program, Duke Statistical Science, Aug 2020   Surya Tokdar
2020 Zhu, Ziwei Sophia Machine Learning Researcher, Translational Image Analysis and Machine Learning Center, Yale University, Jul 2020 MSS Portfolio - Study of Hierarchical Model Applications on Amphetamines Merlise Clyde
2020 Poworoznek, Evan Data Scientist/Sr. Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Rome, NY MSS Portfolio - Easy and Efficient Bayesian Infinite Factor Analysis David Dunson
2019 Bao, Yang Algorithm Engineer, Huawei, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Applications of Statistical Models in Prediction Scott Schmidler
2019 Batista, Ricardo PhD Program, Research Assistant, Iowa State University, Statistics Department, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - Community Detection Thresholds in Heterogeneous Graphs Peter Hoff
2019 Chen, Haohan Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Sep 2019 MSC Thesis - Bayesian Dynamic Network Modeling for Social Media Political Talk Mike West
2019 Chen, Jie Quantitative Associate at Wells Fargo, Jun 2019 MSS Portfolio - Applied Machine Learning: Classification & Regression Examples Peter Hoff
2019 Chen, Yingshi Product Scientist, Indeed, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Predictive Modelings in Practice Mike West
2019 Chen, Yunran PhD Program, Duke Statistical Science, Aug 2019 MSS En-Route - Testing Between Different Types of Poisson Mixtures with Applications to Neuroscience Surya Tokdar
2019 Ding, Jiayi Janice Data Scientist, McKinsey & Co., Mar 2020 MSS Portfolio - Predictive Modeling & Causal Inference Edwin Iversen
2019 Fu, Ziqian Freya Data Scientist, Charter Communications,Denver, CO Feb 2020 MSS Portfolio - A Python/Scala Based Sample Size Calculation for Product Design Data  
2019 Greve, Jan Tomoya PhD Student, Vienna University of Economics & Business, Sep 2019  MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Applications in Time-Series Mike West
2019 Hao, Yunlu Algorithm Engineer, Envision Digital, Jul 2019  MSS Portfolio - Prediction on Default Risk with Statistical Methods Peter Hoff
2019 Harrison, Walker Earl Analyst, Quantitative Analysis, New York Yankees, May 2018  MSS Portfolio - Modifications to Recent Baseball Research Rebecca Steorts
2019 Hu, Xiyang Sean PhD Student, Carnegie Mellon University, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - Optimal Sparse Decision Trees Cynthia Rudin
2019 Huang, Junwen Lisa Quantitative Associate, Wells Fargo, Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio - Evaluation of Causal Inference Models for Estimation in Different Scenarios Alex Volfovsky
2019 Huo, Ran Research Fellow, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Mar 2020 MSC Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2019 Johnson, Tessa Margaret Data Scientist, Geometric Data Analytics, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2019 Kamat, Gauri Manoj Research Associate, EPA/UNC Chapel Hill, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Multiple Imputation of Missing Covariates in Randomized Controlled Trials Jerry Reiter
2019 Lazzaro, John Charles PhD Student, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - Forecasting the Term Structure of Interest Rates: a Bayesian Dynamic Graphical Model Approach Mike West
2019 Lebovici, Lisa Rachel Data Scientist, ESPN, Sep 2019  MSS Portfolio - Applications of Sampling & Clustering Methods Scott Schmidler
2019 Lee, Jaeyeon PhD Student, Real Estate/Finance, Universtiy of California, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - Exploring Bayesian Time-Series with Financial Data Edwin Iversen
2019 Li, Chunxiao Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group, Gamma, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Rethinking Nonlinear Instrumental Variables David Dunson, Cynthia Rudin
2019 Li, Xuetong Miranda Data Scientist, 2nd Order Solutions, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Application of Statistical Methods on Financial & Medical Data Edwin Iversen
2019 Li, Yunxuan Product Scientist, Indeed, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Application & Implementation of Machine Learning Methods Scott Schmidler
2019 Lin, Kangcheng PhD Student, Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - An Interpretable Model with Globally Consistent Explanations for Credit Risk Cynthia Rudin
2019 Liu, Qi Dylan Data Scientist, Wells Fargo, Apr 2019     
2019 Liu, Yanlan PhD student, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University MSC Portfolio-Applications of Bayesian Inferencer on Vegetated Ecosystem Properties Scott Schmidler
2019 Mang, Alexander Michael Data Scientist, Battelle, Jan 2020. MSS En-Route - Extention of Predictive Models Sayan Mukherjee
2019 Moran, Kelly Scientist II, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Winter 2020 MSS En-Route  
2019 Ou, Rihui PhD Program, Duke University Statistical Science, Aug 2019 MSS En-Route - Clustering-Enhanced Stochastic Gradient MCMC for Hidden Markov Models David Dunson
2019 Shao, Lingyun Steve Artificial Intelligence Fellow, Insight Data Science, Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio - Anomaly Detection & Predicive Modeling for Automonous Vehicles & Painting Cost Jerry Reiter
2019 Talbot, Austin Research Assistant, Laboratory for Psychiatric Neuroengineering, May 2015 MSS En-Route  
2019 Truver, Daniel Joseph Novelist, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Elections, Money and Measles Robert Wolpert
2019 Wai , Lai Melanie Data Science Analyst, McKinsley & Company, Atlanta, Sep 2019 MSS Portfolio - Approaches to Data Visualization & Prediction  
2019 Wang, Kai Kyle Senior Associate Data Scientist, Capital One, Washington, DC, Aug 2019 MSS Portfolio - Machine Learning Methods in Prediction Sayan Mukherjee
2019 Wang, Rui Currently seeking employment MSS Portfolio - Using Biclustering Methods to Classify High-Dimensional Data Robert Wolpert
2019 Wang, Yixuan Data Scientist, Rakutan Mobile Network, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Application of Statistical Prediction Methods Edwin Iversen
2019 Welch, Matthew Thomas VeraSci, Raleigh, NC 2019 MSS Portfolio - Phase Transitions in Linear Models & DID Causal Inference Analysis Edwin Iversen
2019 Zhang, Shuangjie PhD Student, Statistics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, Aug 2019     
2019 Zhao, Yan Data Scientist, Wells Fargo, Aug 2019  MSS Portfolio - Machine Learning for Healthcare Mike West
2019 Zhu, Yi Currently seeking employment MSS Portfolio - Unsupervised Exploratory Analysis Tool for Biclustering  
2019 Heck-Wortman, Joan Pearson Director, Data Science, Democratic National Committee, Oct 2019 MSS En-Route  
2019 Li, Lianghui Victor Data Scientist, Point 72 Asset Management, Jun 2019  MSS Portfolio - Performance Data Analysis for Solid State Drive Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Abraham, Cecily Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, Dec 2018 MSS Portfolio - Trends in Ballon Catheter Dilation of Paranasal Sinuses Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Amitai, Gilad Research Data Scientist, SurveyMonkey, Oct 2018  MSS En-Route - Bayesian Inference Via Partitioning Under Differential Privacy Jerry Reiter
2018 Bryan, Jonathan Senior Quantitative Data Analyst at Flatiron Health, Oct 2018 MSS Portfolio - Inferring Drug Innovation with Adverse Events Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Burris, Kyle Statistical Analyst at Cleveland Indians, May 2019 MSS En-Route  
2018 Coker, Beau PhD Student, Biostatistics, Harvard University 2018 MSS Portfolio - A Theory of Statistical Inference for Ensuring the Robustness of Scientific Results Cynthia Rudin
2018 Coleman, Jacob Jake Sr. Quantitative Analyst, Los Angeles Dodgers-Jul 2019  MSS En-Route  
2018 Dekmezian, Carmen Analytics Manager, Trust and Safety, Pinterest, Apr 2020 MSS Portfolio - Machine Learning Methods for Spatial & Financial Applications Colin Rundel
2018 Eastman, William R Manager, Statistical Science, Genova Diagnostics, Asheville, 2019 MSS Portfolio - Applied Dynamic Factor Analysis for Macroeconomic Forecasting Mike West
2018 Geng, Dawei Data Scientist, Autodesk, Feb 2019 MSS Portfolio Poster - Bayesian Variable/Model Selection for the Time-Varying Autoregressive Model Mike West
2018 Gong, Liyu Data Scientist, Protective Life, Mar 2020 MSS Portfolio - Applied Bayesian Methods for Text Mining Surya Tokdar
2018 Hsu, Tun-Chieh Eric Senior Data Scientist, TIBCO, Jun 2019 MSS Portfolio - Dynamic Factor Analysis in Internet Search Volume & Stock Volatility Mike West
2018 Huang, Huang Eden Data Scientist, Liberty Mutual Group, Jul 2019 MSS Portfolio - Comparing Model-Based Ranking Methods to Evaluate Physicians & Hospitals Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Jia, Yimeng Emily Product Scientist, Indeed, Oct 2018 MSS Portfolio - Prediction of Medication Non-Adherence  with Clinical Notes David Dunson
2018 Jiang, Yijun PhD Student, Duke University Statistical Science, 2016 MSS Portfolio - Evaluating Performance of Hospitals & Physicians Using a Binomial Generalized Linear Mixed Model Surya Tokdar
2018 Jin, Xialingzi Kim Senior Data Scientist, Wayfair, Jul 2018 MSS Portfolio - Text Analysis & Other Exploration Jerry Reiter
2018 Kim, Woo Min PhD Program, Statistics, Florida State University, Aug 2018 MSS Portfolio - Multi-Scale Topological Data Analysis to Identify Brain Fiber Connectivity for Biological Systems Application Fan Li
2018 Klemish, David Joseph Analytics and Actuarial Director, Synchrono Group, Aug 2019  MSEM Portfolio - A Comparison of Serial & Parallel Particle Filters for Time Series Analysis Mike West
2018 Lavine, Isaac Quantitative Researcher, Susquehanna International Group, LLP, Jul 2020    
2018 Le, Anh Quoc Data Scientiest, Facebook Marketing R&D, Aug 2018  MSC Portfolio  
2018 Li, Fanfei Faustine Computer Vision Engineer, Descartes Labs, Jun 2018  MSS Portfolio - Deep Learning for the Automatic Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Li, Moyuan Claire Data Scientist, Willis Towers Watson, TRANZACT, 2019 MSS Portfolio - Modeling Economic & Political Dynamics in the Middle East Alan Gelfand
2018 Li, Shaoji Jason Analyst, Monitor Deloitte-Shanghai, Jul 2018  MSS Portfolio - Python Implementation of Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering David Banks
2018 Liu, Xichu Phd Student, University of Pittsburgh, Statistics Department, Aug 2018 MSS Portfolio - Implementation & Applications of Bayeisan Hierarchical Clustering Mike West
2018 Mandan, Arpita Data Scientist, Akami Technologies, Sep 2018 MSS Portfolio - Two Applications of Summary Statistics: Integrating Information Across Genes & Confidence Intervals with Missing Data Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Shi, Xilin Cecilia Data Scientist, Consultant, QuantumBlack, Jul 2019 MSS Portfolio - Predicting Patient Admissions in the Medicare Shared Savings Program Fan Li
2018 Sun, Muyao Yolanda Associate Data Scientist, VP Corporation, Jul 2018 MSS Portfolio - Comparison of Machine Learning Methods in the Estimation of Housing Prices Surya Tokdar
2018 Wang, Luyang Lorraine Currently seeking employment MSS Portfolio - Evaluating the Performance of a Generalized Recommendation Engine for the Financial Services Industry Mike West
2018 Wang, Xiaozhou Data Scientist, Plymouth Rock Assurance, Jul 2018 MSS Portfolio - Predictive Analytics in Healthcare & Medical Data Exploration Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Wang, Yizheng Research/Teaching Assistant, Stanford University, Sep 2018 MSS Portfolio - A Bayesian Forward Simulation Approach to Establishing a Realistic Prior Model for Complex Geometrical Objects Alan Gelfand
2018 White, Zachary Senior Data Scientist, Capital One, Aug 2019 MSS Portfolio  
2018 Xie, Meng Amy PhD Student in Statistical Science at Duke MSS En-Route  
2018 Xu, Dewen Tracy   MSS Portfolio - Graph-Coupled HMMs & Deep Neural Network for Modeling Infection & Medical Diagnosis Fan Li
2018 Yan, Xingyu Vera Data Scientist, Indeed, 2020 MSS Portfolio Presentation - Empirical Study of Topic Modeling in Movie Recommendation Surya Tokdar
2018 Yin, Mengrui Senior Business Intelligence Analytics Analyst, Carnival Cruise Lines, Mar 2020    
2018 Zaidi, Abbas Masud Causal Inference Researcher, Facebook, May 2019  MSS En-Route  
2018 Zhang, Hengqian Currently seeking employment    
2018 Zhang, Liwen Data Scientist, GM Financial, Feb 2019 MSS Portfolio - Statistical Modeling & Insights in Financial Industry  
2018 Zhang, Yizhe Jeremy Senior Researcher, Microsoft, Apr 2018 MSC Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2018 Zhou, Ran Data Scientist, SAP Labs, Oct 2018  MSS Portfolio - Application of Neural Networks with Joint Embedding for Medical Document Classification Edwin Iversen, Giovanni Parmigiana
2018 Zhu, Jiancong   MSS Portfolio - Analysis & Implementation of Classification Algorithms (Kmeans + +, CONCOR) Surya Tokdar
2017 Berry, Lindsay Rebecca Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultant, Inc., Jul 2019  MSS En-Route - Bayesian forecasting of massive discrete time series Mike West
2017 Brown, Stephanie Technical Solutions Analyst, Manning & Napier Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2017 Bustos X, Gonzalo Head of Data Analytics, Hortifrut SA (HF), Sep 2017  MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Chen, Xu Research Intern, Facebook, May 2020 MSS En-Route - Multiple-try Stochastic Search for Bayesian Variable Selection Surya Tokdar
2017 Cheng, Yaqian Sophie Senior Data Scientist II, Akamai Technologies, Jul 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Fang, Dayi Senior Quantitative Analyst, Capital One, Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Gao, Yuan Andrea Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group, Sep 2018  MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Hariharan, Sanjay Senior Data Scientist, QuantumBlack/McKinsey & Co., Dec 2019 MSS Portfolio - Real-Time Sepsis Prediction Using an End-to-End Multi-Task Gaussian Process RNN Classifier Katherine Heller
2017 Jauch, Michael Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Applied Mathebatics,  Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Aug 2019 MSS En-Route  
2017 Jordan, Drew Baseball Operations Senior Analyst, Detroit Tiger, Jan 2019 MSS Portfolio - Measuring Baseball Defensive Value Using Statcast Data Colin Rundel
2017 Lei, Yulin

Data Scientist, Quantifind, Jul 2017

MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Li, Bai PhD Student, Duke University Statistical Science, 2017 MSS En-Route A Privacy Preserving Algorithm to Release Sparse High-dimensional Histograms Rebecca Steorts
2017 Li, Mengrun Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Carnival Cruise Lines, Mar 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Man, Iian Head of Data, TrialSpark, Jun 2018 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Normoyle, Sarah Data Science, Product Analyst, Google, Jan 2020  MSS Portfolio Sarah Mukherjee
2017 Owens-Oas, Derek Data Scientist, Toptal, Jan 2020  MSS En-Route  
2017 Patra, Sayan  Data Scientist, Applied Research, LinkedIn, Nov 2019  MSS En-Route  
2017 Robertson, Megan Data Scientist, Nike May 2018 MSS Portfolio - An Analysis of NBA Spatio-Temporal Data Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Shao, Wei Emily Data Scientist, Hortifrut, SA (HF), Apr 2018 MSS Portfolio - Supervised MELD for Multidomain Mixed Membership Analyses David Dunson
2017 Sheng, Hao Software Engineer, Machine Learning, LinkedIn, Dec 2019 MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Approach on Correcting Model Performance Given Biased Estimates of Feature Values Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Shi, Wenli Gray PhD Program, Statistics, North Carolina State University, Aug 2017 MSS Portfolio - Some Explorations of Bayesian Joint Quantile Regression Surya Tokdar
2017 Shirota, Shinichiro Postdoctoral Researcher, AIP (advanced intelligence project) center, Riken, Tokyo, 2019  MSS En-Route  
2017 Shu, Leonardo Roberto Research Statistican, Biodemography of Aging Research Unit, Social Science Research Institute, Duke University, Aug 2017  MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Song, Hanyu PhD Program, Statistical Science Duke University, Aug 2017 MSS En-Route - Wavelet Regression Using MapReduce & Analysis of Multiple Schlerosis Clinical Data Li Ma
2017 Suresh, Sunith Data Scientist, Infinia ML, Nov 2017 MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Solution to the 20 Question Game with Application to Recommender Systems David Banks
2017 Wang, Qi Senior Consultant, Ekimetrics, Jul 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Xiao, Lin Tim Senior Data Scientist at Walmart Tech, Plano, TX, Jun 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Xu, Xin Julia Research Scientist, Amazon Web Services, Apr 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Yin, Lun Sam PhD Program, Biostatistics, Emory University, Aug 2020    
2017 Zhang, Youyuan Darien Machine Learning Engineer, Siri Understanding Team, Apple AI/ML Group, Apple Jun 2017 MSS Portfolio  
2017 Yanchenko, Anna PhD Program, Statistical Science, Duke University,  Aug 2017 Classical Music Composition Using Hidden Markhov Models Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Jiang, Menglan Data Scientist, Capital One Jul 2019 MSEM Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 McCreanor, Reuben Carrier Growth, Convoy, Inc, Aug 2019 MSEM Portfolio - Dynamic Time Varying Models for Predicting Patient Deterioration Rebecca Steorts
2017 Qian, Lei Shao Research Mathematical Statistician, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Research Laboratory, Sep 2017 MSEM Portfolio - Spatial Assignments Using Intrinsic Markers to Infer Migratory Patterns Colin Rundel
2017 Wen, Fu Data Analyst, ByteDance, May 2019 MSEM Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2017 Ye, Yifan PhD Student, Economics Department, Boston University, 2017  MSEM Portfolio Presentation  
2017 Yoon, Joon Jun PhD Program, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business,  2017 MSEM Portfolio Presentation  
2017 Yu, Haoyang PhD Program,   Fuqua School of Business, Decision Sciences, 2018 MSEM Portfolio - Differentially Private Verifications of Predictions from Synthetic Data Jerry Reiter
2017 Zaman, Azeem PhD Program, Harvard University Bayesian Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Inference  
2017 Zeng, Ziyue Senior Investment Associate,QMA, Feb 2020 MSEM Portfolio Presentation  
2016 Bi, Yongjian Machine Learning Scientist, Compass, Jun 2019 MSS Portfolio - Scheduling Optimization with LDA and Greedy Algorithm Sayan Mukherjee, David Banks
2016 Bian, Shijia PhD Student in Biostatistics, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Aug 2019 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Chai, Christine Software Engineer, Microsoft, Feb 2019 MSS En-Route  
2016 Chen, Xi Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Securities, Mar 2020  MSS En-Route - Bayesian models for dynamic network flow Mike West
2016 Chen, Yu Data Scientist, Facebook, Jan 2019 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Chen, Yuhan PhD Program, Duke Statistical Science, Aug 2019 MSS En-Route - A Bayesian Dirichlet-Multinomial Test for Cross-Group DIfferences Li Ma
2016 Crawford, Lorin Anthony Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Brown University, Jul 2017, Senior Researcher, Microsoft, Sep 2020  MSS En-Route  
2016 Ding, Zheng Joseph Senior Data Scientist, Akamai Technologies, Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Futoma, Joe Research Scientist, Apple, Jun 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Guo, Yaqi Sophie Product Manager, ringDNA, Los Angeles, Mar 2020 MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Han, Shaobo Researcher, NEC Laboratories America Inc, Jun 2019  MSC Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Hellmayr, Christoph Research Scientist, 84.51 Dec 2018 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Lee, Princeton Director of Commercial Services, Panton, Inc., 2017  MSS Portfolio  
2016 Li, Xinyi Chris Data Science, Analytics, Poshmark, Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Liang, Yuhao Data Scientist,Prism Analytics, Workday, Apr 2018 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Liu, Yanyu Anne Data Scientist, Facebook, Sep 2019 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Mao, Jialiang Applied Research Intern, LinkedIn, Aug 2020 MSS En-Route - Pyramid Multi-resolution Scanning for Two-sample Comparison Li Ma
2016 Mu, Yue April Actuarial Assistant, Liberty Mutual, Jun 2015-Aug 2015 MSS Portfolio  
2016 Nguyen, Nghi Le Phuong Maggie Biostatistician, Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, September 2018      
2016 Park, Min Jung   MSS Portfolio  
2016 Pena Pizarro, Victor Assistant Professor, Statistics, Baruch College, (Zicklin, CUNY) Aug 2018  MSS En-Route  
2016 Van Den Boom, Willibordus Petrus Maria 'Willem' Research Fellow, Yale, NUS College of the National University of Singapore specializing in Bayesian Statistics, Jul 2020    
2016 Wong, Andrew Data Scientist Manager, Neustar, Inc., 2016  MSS Portfolio Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Yu, Jiangzhen Jane Deep Learning Engineer, Research, Aquabyte, Feb 2020 MSS Portfolio Presentation  
2016 Zhao, Mingjie Data Scientist, (QAS), Wells Fargo, Jul 2020 MSS Portfolio - A Machine Learning Case Study from An Insurance Data Set Scott Schmidler
2016 Lee, Jiseon Sophie Assistant Professor, Metropolitan College of New York, Jan 2020 MSC Portfolio  
2016 Chen, Yang PhD Student, Peking University, Aug 2016 MSEM Portfolio - Adaptive Bayesian computation in time series Mike West
2016 Gautam, Dipesh Data Scientist, FathomAl, Sep 2016 MSEM Portfolio  
2016 Liu, Lei  Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, Sep 2019 MSEM Portfolio Presentation  
2016 Luo, Haosheng Quantatative Researcher, Aqua Selection Capital Management, May 2020 MSEM Portfolio Presentation  
2016 Su, Yang Junior Analyst, McKinsey & Company MSEM Portfolio  
2016 Xia, Hanqiu Data Scientist, Amazon, Jun 2020 MSEM Portfolio  
2016 Yang, Xi PhD program, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Aug 2106 MSEM Portfolio Multiview Weighted Network Sayan Mukherjee
2016 Zhou, Yikun Prime Brokerage Specialist, CITIC Securities Limited, Aug 2016    
2015 Anand, Radhika Data Scientist at Airbnb, Aug 2019 MSEM Portfolio - Claims Severity Modeling Sayan Mukherjee
2015 Christensen, Jonathan C Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University, Aug 2018     
2015 Fink, Joshua J Director of Data Science, (BB-ops), Spurs Sports & Entertainment, Dec 2018 MSC Portfolio  
2015 Fisher, Jacob Charles Research Scientist, Facebook Jul 2020 MSC Portfolio - Latent Space Diffusion David Banks
2015 Helman, George Musarra Software Engineer, Arch Insurance Group, Inc., Jan 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2015 Jiang, Yu Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research, Feb 2018  MSS Portfolio - Leveraging Population Information in Family-based Rare Variant Association Analyses of Quantitative Traits Sayan Mukherjee
2015 Jiang, Yue Assistant Professor, Statistical Science, Duke University,  Jan 2020    
2015 Johnson, Matthew 'Matt' Research Scientist, Amazon, Jul 2020 MSS En-Route - Bayesian Predictive Synthesis: Forecast Calibration and Combination Mike West
2015 Lian, Wenzhao Senior Research Engineer, Google X, Mountain View CA, Aug 2019 MSC Portfolio - Predictive Models for Point Processes David Dunson
2015 Lorenzi, Elizabeth Catherine Liz Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants, Inc., Jun 2019  MSS En-Route  
2015 McAlinn, Kenichiro Assistant Professor of Statistical Science, Fox School of Business,  Temple University, Jul 2019    
2015 Subramanian, Vivek A Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University,
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Variational Inference for Nonlinear Regression Using Dimension Reduced Mixtures of Generalized Linear Models MSS Portfolio - with Application to Neural Data Jeffrey Beck, Sayan Mukherjee
2015 Yin, Yi Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, Mar 2020 MSS Portfolio - Predictive Modeling of Loss-of-Heterozygosity Events in Yeast  
2015 Zhong, Jianling Machine Learning Engineer, Apple, Jun 2020 MSS Portfolio - A Bayesian Model for Nucleosome Positioning Using DNase-seq Data  
2015 Akande, Olanrewaju Asst. Professor of the Practice, Duke Social Science Research Institute and Statistical Science, Jul 2019  Bayesian Models for Imputing Missing Data & Editing Erroneous Responses in Surveys Jerry Reiter
2015 Cao, Yong Data Engineer at Airbnb, Sept 2019 MSEM Portfolio Simulation Study on Exchangeability and Significant Test on Survey Data Surya Tokdar
2015 Dai, Fan PhD Program, Statistics Department, Iowa State University MSEM Portfolio - A Tapered Pareto-Poisson Model for Extreme Pyroclastic Flows: Application to the Quantification of Volcano Hazards Robert Wolpert
2015 Jiang, Sheng PhD Program, Statistical Science Duke University, Aug 2015 MSEM Portfolio - Bayesian Models for Causal Analysis with Many Potentially Weak Instruments Surya Tokdar
2015 Kamboj, Kirti Data Scientist, Microsoft, May 2019 MSEM Portfolio - VizMaps: A Bayesian Topic Modeling Based PubMed Search Interface David Banks, Charles Becker
2015 Lusompa, Amaze Basilwa Graduate Student, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University  MSEM Portfolio - U.S. Fiscal Multipliers Craig Burnside
2015 Oh, Sohae PhD Program, Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University, 2017 MSEM Portfolio - Multiple Imputation on Missing Values in Time Series Data Fan Li
2015 Sun, Xuan Investment Banking Senior Associate, FIG, Sponsor Representative, HuaTai Securities Co., Ltd. Aug 2019 MSEM Portfolio - Applications of Statistical and Economic Analysis in Finance and Health Industry Kent Kimbrough, Surya Tokdar
2015 Wang, Yang Currently seeking employment MSEM Portfolio - Do Chinese Investors Get What They Don’t Pay For? Expense Ratios, Loads, and The Returns to China's Open-End Mutual Funds Edward Toward
2014 Dalzell, Nicole M Assistant Teaching Professor in Statistics, Wake Forest University, Aug 2017  MSS En-Route  
2014 Glynn, Christopher Senior Economist, Zillow, Sep 2020 MSS En-Route  
2014 Irie, Kaoru Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Statistics, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo, Jun 2016  MSS En-Route  
2014 Kyzyurova, Ksenia N   MSS En-Route  
2014 Larson, Gary J Statistical Analyst, Social & Scientific Systems, Oct. 2018  MSS En-Route  
2014 Liang, Jiawei Wesley Product Science Lead, Indeed.Com, Jul 2019  MSEM Portfolio - Mining Political Blogs With Network Based Topic Models David Banks
2014 Lindon, Michael S Senior Statistician, Data Science at Tesla, Jun 2018  MSS En-Route  
2014 Mayhew, Michael B Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Inflammatix, Inc, 2017  MSC Portfolio - Bayesian Statistical Models of Cell-Cycle Progression at Single-Cell and Population Levels Edwin Iversen
2014 Qamar, Shaan Senior Data Scientist, Google, Nov 2017  MSS En-Route  
2014 Schifeling, Tracy Anne   MSS En-Route  
2014 Shang, Yan Research Scientist, Facebook, May 2016  MSC Portfolio - Exploiting Big Data in Logistics Risk Assessment via Bayesian Nonparametrics David Dunson
2014 Wang, Yingjian Senior Machine Learning Scientist, SAS, May 2016  MSC Portfolio - Gaussian Beta Process David Dunson
2014 Zhao, Yi Zoey Quantitative Researcher, Citadel, LLC, Jan 2015  MSS En-Route  
2014 Zhu, Kai Kyle Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, Jul 2017  MSS Portfolio - Integral Projection Models: Simulation Studies and Sensitivity Analyses  
2014 Kramer, Zachary D Manager of Analytics, DraftKings, INC Jul 2014  MSEM Portfolio - Default Prior Choice for Bayesian Model Selection in Generalized Linear Models with Applications in Mortgage Default Merlise Clyde
2014 Wang, Ye Research Scientist, Facebook, Jun 2018  MSEM Portfolio - Bayes High-Dimensional Density Estimation Using Multiscale Dictionaries David Dunson
2013 Au, Timothy C Staff Statistician, Google, Nov 2019 Topics in Computational Advertising David Banks
2013 Challis, Christopher Manager, Data Sciences, Adobe, Apr 2017  MSS En-Route  
2013 Gu, Mengyang Michael Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara- Jul 2019  MSS En-Route  
2013 Heard, Daniel Business Strategy Analyst, at USAA, Jan 2020 MSS En-Route  
2013 Hu, Jingchen Monika Assistant Professor of Statistics, Vassar College-Jul 2015  MSS En-Route  
2013 Jarrett, Nicholas Walton Research Scientist, 84.51 2015  MSS En-Route  
2013 Johndrow, James E Stein Fellow/Lecturer, Stanford University, Sep 2016, Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, Jul 2019  MSS En-Route  
2013 Kunihama, Tsuyoshi Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University, Apr 2017  MSS En-Route  
2013 Montagna, Silvia Assistant Professor, Dipartimento di Scienze Economico-sociali e Matematico-statistiche University of Torino (Italy),2018  MSS En-Route  
2013 Riddell, Allen Beye Assistant Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Bloomington, Dec 2017  MSC Portfolio - Studying Literary History with Latent Feature Models David Dunson
2013 Soriano, Jacopo Senior Data Scientist, YouTube Data Science Team, Nov 2017  MSS En-Route  
2013 St. Thomas , Brian Data Scientist, Spotify, Jun 2017  MSS En-Route  
2013 Valle, Denis R Assistant Professor, School of Forest Resources & Conservation, University of Florida, Jun 2014  MSC Portfolio - Improving the Modeling of Government Surveillance Data: a Case Study on Malaria in the Brazilian Amazon Alan Gelfand
2013 Zhang, Xianxing Senior Manager, Tech Lead, Uber, Aug 2019 MSS Portfolio - Nested Latent Factor Models  
2012 Banerjee, Anjishnu Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Jun 2019 Scalable Nonparametric Bayes Learning David Dunson
2012 Broadbent, Mary Beth Data Scientist, Google, Jun 2016  MSS En-Route  
2012 Deng, Yiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, University College London, Jul 2016  MSS Portfolio - Modeling Missing Data in Panel Studies with Multiple Refreshment Samples Jerry Reiter
2012 Leininger, Thomas J Senior Manager, Data Science, Jan 2019  MSS En-Route  
2012 McClure, David Robert Consultant, Risk Advisory, Deloitte, UK Apr 2016  MSS En-Route  
2012 Paiva, Thais Viana Assistant Professor, Statistics, Federal University of Minas Gerais, UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Mar 2016  MSS En-Route  
2012 Runcie, Daniel Assistant Professor Plant Sciences Dept.,University of California Davis, Jul 2015  MSC Portfolio - Bayesian Models for Relating Gene Expression and Morphological Shape Variation in Sea Urchin Larvae Scott Schmidler
2012 Terres, Maria A Senior Data Scientist, Waymo, Oct 2018  Multivariate Spatial Process Gradients with Environmental Applications Alan Gelfand
2011 Bonassi, Fernando Vieira Quanititative Analyst, YouTube Data Science Team, Google, Jan 2015 MSS En-Route - ABC for Bayesian time series with systems biology applications Mike West
2011 Cron, Andrew Jonathan Vice President, Research & Development, 84.51, Oct 2018  MSS En-Route - Bayesian sparsity modelling and GPU computing Mike West
2011 Cui, Kai Senior Vice President, Neuberger Berman Investment Advisors, Jan 2019  MSS En-Route  
2011 de Oliveira Sales,  Ana Paula Principal Investigator, Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Aug 2013  Clustering Multiple Related Datasets with a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Mike West
2011 Li, Yingbo Senior Manager, Data Science, Capital One, Jun 2017  MSS En-Route  
2011 Murray, Jared Scott Visiting Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Jul 2014  MSS En-Route  
2011 Nakajima, Jouchi Head of Macro Modeling Unit, Research and Statistics Department, Bank of Japan, Tokyo,July 2019  MSS En-Route- Dynamic latent threshold models Mike West
2011 Petralia, Francesca Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Sep 2016  MSS En-Route  
2011 Si, Yajuan Sophie Research Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, University of Michigan, Sep 2017  MSS Portfolio  
2011 Van Haren, Ken R Cofounder and Chief Data Scientist, Bridgerock Data, 2017, Founder, ParkFit, Jun 2014  MSS Portfolio Merlise Clyde
2011 Wang, Shouqiang Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Dallas, Jun 2016  MSS Portfolio -Two Applications of Adversarial Risk Analysis David Banks
2011 Yang, Ying Associate Venture Technology Director, Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation, Mar 2017  MSS Portfolio - Spatial Bayesian Variable Selection with Application to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Fan Li
2010 Bhattacharya, Anirban Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, 2013  MSS En-Route  
2010 Korman, Alexander J Physical Therapist, Haywoods Lodge, Assisted Living and Retirement Homes No thesis: MS Completion by Exam Merlise Clyde
2010 Pati, Debdeep Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, Sep 2017  MSS En-Route  
2010 Rozenas, Arturas Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, New York University, 2013  MSC Portfolio - Inferring Ideological Ambiguity from Expert Data Jerry Reiter
2010 Wang, Fangpo Senior Data Scientist, Adobe, May 2016  MSS En-Route  
2010 Wang, Jianyu Lecturer, Indiana University Bloomington, Aug. 2016  MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Modeling and Adaptive Monte Carlo with Geophysics Applications Robert Wolpert,Scott Schmidler
2010 Zeng, Yu Jason Senior Data Scientist, Concho, Apr 2019  Momentum Scale Estimation Using Maximum LikelihoodTemplate Fitting Sayan Mukherjee
2010 Zhang, Guoxian Staff Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Airbnb, Nov 2019 MSS Portfolio - An Integrated Online Path Planning and Control Approach for Robotic Sensor Networks Mike West
2009 Jia, Botao Developer at KCG Holdings, Jun 2014  MSS Portfolio - Duke Free Electron Laser Storage Ring Beam Energy Spread Analysis Scott Schmidler
2009 Lopes, Danilo Lourenco Coordinator, Bayer, Dec 2016  MSS En-Route  
2009 Mayrink, Vinicius D Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (UFMG), 2012  MSS En-Route - Sparse latent factor models in genomics Mike West
2009 Montgomery, Jacob M Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis, 2017 MSC Portfolio - Partisan Representation: Voters, Partisans, and Responsiveness in the U.S. Senate Jerry Reiter
2009 Mukherjee, Chiranjit Senior Data Scientist, Netflix, Jun 2015  MSS En-Route  
2009 Shi, Minghui Data Scientist, Google, Aug 2015  MSS En-Route  
2009 Xu, Huidong Director at BlackRock, Nov 2018  MSS Portfolio - Modeling Stochastic Switching of Electric Field Distributions in Semiconductor Superlattices Robert Wolpert
2009 Yang, Hongxia Senior Staff Data Scientist & Director, Alibaba Group, Sep 2016  MSS En-Route  
2009 Zhou, Xiang Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Jul 2014  MSS Portfolio - Parameter Estimation in Ising and Potts Models with Applications to Computational Protein Design  
2008 Enstrom, Betsy Manager, Advanced Analytic Testing at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, May 2014, Owner/Chief Financial Officer, Rush River Brewing, llc, Jan 2016  MSS Portfolio  
2008 Gao, Zhenglei Statistical Modeller, Bayer Crop Science, Jan 2016  MSS Portfolio Scott Schmidler
2008 Gray, Simone C Statistician, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Feb 2012     
2008 Ji, Chunlin Vice President for Research and Education, Kuang-Chi Institute of Advance Technology, Apr 2010  MSS En-Route  
2008 Li, Quanlin Sr. Biostatistician, ICON, plc, Sep 2017  MSC Portfolio - Bayesian Inverse Model to Estimate Global Carbon Monoxide Emissions Robert Wolpert
2008 Lum, Kristian Catherine Statistician, Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG), 2014  MSS En-Route  
2008 Mao, Kai AVP Citigroup, Oct 2010 MSS En-Route  
2008 Pillai, Natesh Sivasubramonia Chief-Scientist, Correlation One, Jun 2019, Member of Scientific Advisory Board, HIAI Capital, Jan 2019, Professor, Department of Statistics, Harvard University, Aug 2017    
2008 Schwartz, Scott Lee Statistical Geneticist and Bioinformatics Scientist, Texas A&M University, Jul 2011 MSS En-Route  
2008 Sipe, Jeffrey Allen Analytics Consultant, Wells Fargo, May 2014  MSS En-Route  
2008 Wang, Hao Quantitative Researcher, Citadel Capital Management MSS En-Route  
2007 Jesneck, Jonathan Lee Co-Founder and CTO at Firefly Lab, Apr 2015  MSS Portfolio  
2007 Ouyang, Zhi Analyst, Google, Dec 2017  MSS En-Route  
2007 Puggioni, Gavino Associate Professor and Head of Statistics, Computer Science and Statistics
College of Arts and Sciences, University of Rhode Island, Jul 2018 
2007 Wilson-Quintana, Melanie Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants, Inc., Apr 2013 MSS En-Route  
2007 Xie, Junyi Software Engineer, Oracle, Apr 2014  MSC Portfolio  
2007 Zhang, Liang Head of LinkedIn Search and Sales Solutions Al, Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, May 2018     
2006 Ghosh, Joyee Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, The University of Iowa-Jul 2016     
2006 Leman, Scotland Charles Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Statistics-Aug 2008     
2006 Mitra, Robin Lecturer, Lancaster University, UK, 2017     
2006 Xia, Qing Jessie Sr. Director of Analytics, VISA, Nov 2019  MSC Portfolio - Gaussian Noise Model for Scatter Compensationin Digital Mammography  
2006 Zheng, Jieru Programme Specialist, Field Results Group, UNICEF, May2018 MSS Portfolio- Regularization and Model Selection for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Studies of MHC-Peptide Binding Scott Schmidler
2005 Carvalho, Carlos Marinho La Quinta Centennial Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, Jul 2010  MSS En-Route - Bayesian graphical modelling Mike West
2005 Lucas, Joseph Sr. Director, Analytics Business Consultant, Lumeris, Jul 2018  MSS En-Route - Bayesian methods for sparse factor models Mike West
2005 Teng, Jimmy Associate Professor, Yamanashi University, Aug 2020 MSS Portfolio  
2005 Vance, Eric Alan Associate Professor and Director LISA (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis), University of Colorado Boulder, Aug 2016      
2005 Woodard, Dawn Banister Director of Data Science, Maps, Uber, Aug 2018     
2004 Chu, Jen-Hwa Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine, Dec 2015  MSS En-Route  
2003 Brown, Elizabeth Lanz Faculty, Math Department, Greenfield Community College, 2013  MSS Portfolio  
2003 Hans, Christopher Mark Associate Professor of Statistics and Co-Director, Undergraduate Data Analytics Major, The Ohio State University-Feb 2014    
2003 House, Leanna Lynn Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Statistics-Aug 2008  MSS En-Route  
2003 Luo, JingQin Rosy Assistant Professor, SCC Biostatistics shared resource, Division of Public Health Sciences, St. Louis, Jul 2015 MSS En-Route  
2003 Ogle, Kiona Associate Professor, Informatics and Computing Program, Northern Arizona University, 2011   Robert Wolpert
2003 Tu, Chong Senior Investment Director, Fosun Group, Retired MSS En-Route     
2002 Kohnen, Christine Noelle Minnesota Using Multiply Imputed, Synthetic Data to Facilitate Data Sharing Jerry Reiter
2002 Luedi, Philippe Mr. VP at Some New England Hedge Fund MSC Portfolio Edwin Iversen
2002 Rigat, Fabio Maria UK Head, Oncology Statistics & Decision Sciences, Janssen (J&J), Nov. 2019     
2002 Yang, Guoqiang Staff Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Airbnb, Nov 2019    
2001 Calder, Catherine Agnes Professor and Chair of Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, Aug 2019 MSS En-Route  
2001 Gunn, Laura Hilton Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, Director of Health Analytics and Outcomes Research Academy (HAnORA), UNC - Charlotte-Aug 2018  MSS En-Route  
2001 Holloman, Christopher Haydon Sr. Director of Analytics, REX Aug 2020    
2001 Huang, Hui President, HH Capital Management, LLC, Jun 2009, Co-Founder, Advance Asia, Aug 2007 MSS Portfolio  
2001 Krishnaswamy, Jagdish Convenor and Senior Fellow at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment Application of Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models in Hydrology Michael Lavine
2001 Liechty, Merrill Windous Clinical Professor - Decision Sciences and MIS, Drexel University, Consultant, In4mation Insights, 2009     
2001 Rappold, Ana G. Statistician at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Jan 2005     
2001 Ter Horst Gomez, Enrique Alejandro Associate Professor, Univesidad de Los Andes, Aug 2017     
2000 Beckage, Brian Professor, Dept. of Plant Biology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Vermont, 2014 MSS En-Route Michael Lavine
2000 Paulo, Rui Miguel Batista Assistant Professor at ISEG Technical University in Portugal, Jun 2017  MSS En-Route  
2000 Ponisciak, Stephen Michael Research Associate, Alliance for Catholic Education at University of Notre Dame, Oct 2015  MSS En-Route  
2000 Ye, Xiaolan Victor Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Abbvie, Mar 2015  MSC  
2000 Zhou, Xi Kathy Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine, Sep 2004  MSS Portfolio  
1999 Borsuk, Mark Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University,  2016 MSS En-Route  
1999 Chen, Sining Adjunct Professor, Data Science Institute, Co-Director of Capstone, Columbia University in the City of New York, Jan  2019 MSS En-Route  
1999 Inoue, Lurdes Yoshiko Tani Professor and Gilbert S. Omenn Endowed Chair in Biostatistics, University of Washington, Sep 2019 MSS En-Route  
1999 Lynch, Scott M. Professor, Department of Sociology and the Population Research Institute (DuPRI), Duke University MSC Portfolio - Bayesian Estimation of Polychoric and Polyserial Correlations Via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation Algorithms: A Simulation Study Comparing Posterior Mean and Maximum Likelihood Estimators  
1999 Reutter, Richard Alexander 'Alex' Data Scientist Content Manager, Dataiku, Feb 2017  MSS Portfolio  
1999 Wang, Hongjun Senior Director, Data Science at Capital One, Jul 2010  MSS En-Route  
1998 Kern II, John Charles Associate Dean/Associate Professor, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science , Duquesne University, Jul 2000  MSS En-Route  
1998 Lopes, Hedibert Freitas Full Professor of Statistics and Econometrics, Head of Data and Decision Sciences Group
Insper Institute of Education and Research, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sep 2013 
MSS En-Route - Bayesian factor analysis Mike West
1998 Lourdes, Viridiana Data Scientist, Ayasdi, Nov 2017  MSS En-Route - Multivatiate Bayesian forecasting Mike West
1998 Tardella, Luca Professor, Statistical Science, Sapienza, Universita Di Roma, 1997 Some Topics in Bayesian Methodology (Abstract Only) Michael Lavine
1997 Liu, Fang Jane Retired - from Equities Quantitative Strategies Group, UBS MSS En-Route  
1997 Paddock, Susan Mary Executive Vice President and Chief Statistician, NORC at the University of Chicago MSS En-Route - Bayesian analysis with generalization of Polya tree models Mike West
1996 Aguilar, Omar Chief Investment Officer of Passive Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies at Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
Message San Francisco, CA, 2011
MSS En-Route - Dynamic factor models in Bayesian forecasting Mike West
1996 Chen, Yang Managing Director, BlackRock, Risk and Quantitative Analysis Group, NYC, Dec 2012 MSS Portfolio     
1996 Heurta, Gabriel Statistician, Sandia National Laboratories, Jan 2018     
1996 Laading, Jacob Senior Advisor, DNB, Mar 2020    
1996 Lamon, Estel Conrad Manager and President at Statistical Ecology Associates LLC, Aug 2008  MSC Portfolio - Prediction of chlorophyll a concentrations in Lake Okeechobee using Bayesian nonparametric regression splines with interactions Michael Lavine
1996 Prado, Raquel Professor,  Statistics, University of California- Santa Cruz, CA, Jul 2001 MSS En-Route - Bayesian time series modelling Mike West
1996 Stroud, Jonathan Associate Professor, Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, Aug 2015 MSS Portfolio  
1996 Swall, Jenise Lynn Associate Professor of Statistics, Virginia Commonwealth University, Aug 2011  MSS En-Route  
1995 Petris, Giovanni Professor & Director of Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arkansas, 2000 MSS En-Route - Bayesian nonparametric time series models Mike West
1995 Sasinowska Desimone, Heather COO and Principal Statistician, Incogen, Inc., Jun 1999 MSS Portfolio  
1995 Su, Fusheng HUAYI Clinical Research, Jiaxing MSS Portfolio  
1995 Tebaldi, Claudia Research Fellow, Climate Central,Inc., 2013, Project Scientist III, Climate & Gloval Dynamics Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 2013 MSS En-Route - Bayesian networks and multivariate time series Mike West
1994 Ruggeri, Fabrizio Research Director, CNR-IMATI, Milano, Italy, Dec 1988 Bayesian Nonparametrics, Robustness and Fréchet Classes Michael Lavine
1993 Chang, Hong Vice Chairman, Haitong Innovation Securities Investment Co., Ltd, May 2012 MSS Portfolio - Bayesian Forecasting Mike West
1992 Li, Hong Statistical Consultant, Overhauser Li Consulting, Jul 2014