Web Pages

Everyone in the department has two webpages: the official "Drupal" Departmental page that provides basic information in a format that makes it easy for anyone coming to the department to locate information and a personal homepage that individuals may customize. Furthermore each course in the department may have a  course home page in addition, to material on Sakai or Blackboard. For more details about creating Course Homepages or editing other aspects of the website see the links in the Navigation menu to the left.

Updating Your Official Department Page:

  1. Login with your netid (the login link is in the center bottom of the page)
  2. Go to the Department  People Directory and click on your entry
  3. Click on the Edit tab
  4. Update your Image. (more details to come)
  5. Update any of the fields; particularly your office phone number. You may add additional content or images in the "About" using the WYSIWYG editor.
  6. Preview
  7. Save

You may find that there is enough flexibility here to use this as a personal web page, but if not, everyone has space to create their own personal website.

Creating a Personal Web Page

  1. In a Unix shell on the department computer system, cd  ~/.public_html
  2. Use your favorite html editor to create a file index.html for your homepage (we assume that you are familiar with editing html or have a decent html editor - please do not use Word to create html). You may edit the default template available in your directory ~/.public_html/skeleton.html as a starting point for a very basic page (available in the link below), although you may wish to explore homepages within the department to get ideas for possible styles and themes.
  3. Customize your index.html file, and copy any other files for your personal site to your directory ~/.public_html/. on the department file system.
  4. test  the url by going to http://stat.duke.edu/~user where "user" is, of course, your DSS username.   
  5. Add the url to the Personal Web to your Official Department Page