Email Aliases

Duke Statistics provides a number of mail aliases to simplify sending messages to groups of users. Please use these with discretion, limiting messages to the smallest group possible. In case of doubt, a click on each alias name will reveal the current expansion (works for Duke Statistics members only). Please send corrections or suggestions to


Alias Description
chair Chair
dgs Director of Graduate Studies (and associated staff)
dus Director of Undergraduate Studies (and associated staff)
msd MS Director
staff All staff members
seminar Seminar chair and associated staff
cc Computing committee members
gcc Graduate student committee members
webmaster Web administrators
scc Statistical Consulting Center
grants Grants Management


Alias Description
prof-pri Faculty with regular-rank primary appointments in Duke Statistics, and full departmental voting rights. Includes tenure(-track), Research, and POP.
prof-sec Faculty with regular-rank secondary appointments in Duke Statistics.
prof-vis Visiting Faculty: Duke Statistics members currently in residence with term appointments. Includes visiting faculty members, post-docs, instructors, and guests.
prof-etc Other Faculty: Others with Duke Statistics faculty status but without departmental voting rights, including adjuncts, emeritus faculty, non-resident visitors and new arrivals whose official appointments have not yet begun.
prof-reg All faculty with regular-rank primary or secondary appointments in Duke Statistics (prof-pri and prof-sec).
prof All Duke Statistics Primary faculty members (prof-pri).
prof-all All Duke Statistics faculty members (prof-reg, prof-vis, and prof-etc).


Alias Description
grad-phd Graduate students in the Statistical Science Ph.D. program.
grad-mss Graduate students in the Statistical Science M.S. program.
grad-msem Graduate students in the Statistical & Economic Modelling  M.S. program.
grad All Statistical Science graduate students (grad-phd, grad-ms and grad-msem).
undergrad-majors All current Duke Statistics undergraduate major students.
undergrad-minors All current Duke Statistics undergraduate minor students.
undergrads All current Duke Statistics undergraduate students (undergrad-majors and undergrad-minors)


Alias Description
everyone All active users in the department.