Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

Associate Professor of the Practice of Statistical Science

External address: 
Department of Statistical Scie, 214 Old Chemistry Bldg Duke Un, Durham, NC 27708-0251
Internal office address: 
Department of Statistical Scie, Box 90251, 214 Old Chemistry B, Durham, NC 27708-0251
(919) 684-5956

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Baumer, B, Cetinkaya-Rundel, M, Bray, A, Loi, L, and Horton, NJ. "R Markdown: Integrating A Reproducible Analysis Tool into Introductory Statistics." Technology Innovations in Statistics Education 8.1 (2014). Open Access Copy

Kosins, AM, Scholz, T, Cetinkaya, M, and Evans, GRD. "Evidence-based value of subcutaneous surgical wound drainage: The largest systematic review and meta-analysis." Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 132.2 (2013): 443-450. Full Text

Bocanegra, HTD, Rostovtseva, D, Cetinkaya, M, Rundel, C, and Lewis, C. "Quality of reproductive health services tolimited English proficient (LEP) patients." Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 22.4 (2011): 1167-1178. Full Text