Masters Alumni


Dayi Fang

Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Yuan Gao

Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Sanjay Hariharan

Thesis Title
Real Time Prediction of Sepsis Using a Multi-Task Gaussian Process RNN Classifier

Drew Jordan

  • Baseball Analyst
    Detroit Tigers
Thesis Title
Measuring Baseball Defensive Value Using Statcast Data

Mengrun Li

Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Reuben McCreanor

  • Applied Statistician
    Survey Monkey
Thesis Title
Dynamic Time Varying Models for Predicting Patient Deterioration

Megan Robertson

Thesis Title
An Analysis of NBA Spatio-Temporal Data

Qi Wang

  • Data Scientist
    QuaEra Insights
    June 2017

Fu Wen

Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Lin Xiao

  • Capital One, Plano, TX
    June 2017

Anna Yanchenko

  • Associate Technical Staff
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    June 2017 -Present

Yifan Ye

  • PhD Student
    Boston University, Economics Department
Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Joon Yoon

  • PhD Student
    University of Southern California, Leventhal School of Accounting
Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Azeem Zaman

  • PhD Student
    Harvard University, Department of Statistics
Thesis Title
Methodology & Applications of Bayesian Modeling in Neuroscience & Economics

Gloria Zeng

Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation


Yongjian Bi

  • Data Scientist
Thesis Title
Scheduling Optimization with LDA and Greedy Algorithm

Shijia Bian

  • Data Scientist

Yang Chen

  • Ph.D. Student in Economics Department
    Peking University

Yu Chen

  • Data Scientist

Zheng Ding (Joseph S. Ting)

  • Data Scientist

Dipesh Gautam

  • Data Analyst

Yaqi Guo

  • Machine Learning Engineer
Thesis Title
Portfolio Presentation

Shaobo Han

  • Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Statistical Science
    Duke University

Anh Le

  • PhD Candidate, Political Science

Jiseon Sophie Lee

  • Ph.D. Student, Political Science

Xinyi Li

  • Data Scientist Intern

Yuhao Liang

  • Data Engineer
    Lean TaaS

Lei Liu

  • Product & Delivery Analyst
    McKinsey & Company
    4/2017 - Present

Yanyu Liu

  • Data Scientist
    QuaEra Insights

Haosheng Luo

  • Data Analyst

Jialiang Mao

  • Ph.D. Student in Statistical Science
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Pyramid Multi-resolution Scanning for Two-sample Comparison

Yue Mu

  • Actuarial Assistant
    Liberty Mutual

Yang Su

  • Data Analyst

Xi Yang

  • Ph.D. Student
    Department of Statistics & Operations Research, UNC
Thesis Title
Multiview Weighted Network

Yikun Zhou

  • Senior Analyst, Prime Brokerage Group
    CITIC Securities


Radhika Anand

  • Data Scientist, Time Series Forecasting
Thesis Title
Claims Severity Modeling

Yong Cao

  • Statistical Analyst

Fan Dai

  • Ph.D. Student, Statistics Department
    Iowa State University
Thesis Title
A Tapered Pareto-Poisson Model for Extreme Pyroclastic Flows: Application to the Quantification of Volcano Hazards

Joshua Fink

  • Basketball Operations Data Scientist
    San Antonio Spurs
    3/2017 - Present

Jacob Fisher

  • Ph.D. Student, Sociology Department
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Social Space Diffusion

George Helman

  • Data Modeler
    US EPA

Yue Jiang

  • Associate Data Scientist
    Juno Therapeutics
Thesis Title
Predicting Ligand Selectivity of Mammalian Odorant Receptors

Yu Jiang

  • Bioinformatics Scientist
Thesis Title
Leveraging Population Information in Family-based Rare Variant Association Analyses of Quantitative Traits

Sheng Jiang

  • Ph.D. Student in Statistics
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Bayesian Models for Causal Analysis with Many Potentially Weak Instruments

Kirti Kamboj

  • Data Scientist
Thesis Title
VizMaps: A Bayesian Topic Modeling Based PubMed Search Interface

Wenzhao Lian

  • Senior Researcher
    Vicarious AI
Thesis Title
Predictive Models for Point Processes

Amaze Lusompa

  • Ph.D. Student, Economics Department
    UC Irvine
Thesis Title
U.S. Fiscal Multipliers

Sohae Eve Oh

  • Ph.D. Student, Economics Department
    North Carolina State University
Thesis Title
Multiple Imputation on Missing Values in Time Series Data

Vivek Subramanian

  • Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Variational Inference for Nonlinear Regression Using Dimension Reduced Mixtures of Generalized Linear Models with Application to Neural Data

Xuan Sun

  • Associate
    HuaTai Securities Co., Ltd.
Thesis Title
Applications of Statistical and Economic Analysis in Finance and Health Industry

Yang Wang

  • Ph.D. Student, Economics Department
    Tulane University
Thesis Title
Do Chinese Investors Get What They Don’t Pay For? Expense Ratios, Loads, and The Returns to China's Open-End Mutual Funds

Yi Yin

  • Post Doc Fellow, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
    Harvard University
Thesis Title
Predictive Modeling of Loss-of-Heterozygosity Events in Yeast

Jianling Zhong

  • Ph.D. Student, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
    Duke University
Thesis Title
A Bayesian Model for Nucleosome Positioning Using DNase-seq Data


Timothy C. Au

  • Quantitative Analyst
    Google Inc

Mary E Broadbent

  • Quantitative Analyst
    Google Inc

Daniel P. Heard

  • Quantitative Risk Analyst
    USAA Federal Savings Bank

David Klemish

  • Ph.D. Student in Statistics
    Duke University
Thesis Title
A Comparison of Serial & Parallel Particle Filters for Time Series Analysis

Zachary Kramer

  • Product and Marketing Data Analyst
Thesis Title
Default Prior Choice for Bayesian Model Selection in Generalized Linear Models with Applications in Mortgage Default

Jiawei Liang

  • Time Advertising Inc.
Thesis Title
Mining Political Blogs With Network Based Topic Models

Michael Mayhew

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Thesis Title
Bayesian Statistical Models of Cell-Cycle Progression at Single-Cell and Population Levels

Yan Shang

  • Research Scientist
Thesis Title
Exploiting Big Data in Logistics Risk Assessment via Bayesian Nonparametrics

Ye Wang

  • Ph.D. Student in Statistics
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Bayes High-Dimensional Density Estimation Using Multiscale Dictionaries

Yingjian Wang

  • Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Gaussian Beta Process

Kai Zhu

  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Department of Global Ecology at Carnegie Institution for Science and Department of Biology
    Stanford University
Thesis Title
Integral Projection Models: Simulation Studies and Sensitivity Analyses


Anjishnu Banerjee

  • Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
    Medical College of Wisconsin

Fernando V. Bonassi

  • Statistician
    Google - YouTube Data Science

Christopher Challis

  • Data Science Manager
    2017 - Present
  • Data Science Director
    Huntington National Bank
  • Digital Fraud Detection VP
    JP Morgan Chase
  • Marketing Analysis Senior Manager Vice President
    JP Morgan Chase

Yingbo Li

  • Assistant Professor of Statistics, Deparment of Mathematical Sciences
    Clemson University

Silvia Montagna

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistics
    University of Warwick

Jared Murray

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
    Carnegie Mellon University

Francesca Petralia

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Genetics & Genomics
    Mount Sinai Hospital

Allen Riddell

  • Neukom Fellow (postdoc)
    Dartmouth College
Thesis Title
Studying Literary History with Latent Feature Models

Denis Valle

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Biomedical Modeling
Thesis Title
Improving the Modeling of Government Surveillance Data: a Case Study on Malaria in the Brazilian Amazon

Fangpo Wang

  • Data Scientist
    Adobe Systems Inc

Jianyu Wang

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics
    Indiana University

XianXing Zhang

Thesis Title
Nested Latent Factor Models


Anirban Bhattacharya

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
    Texas A&M University

Yiting Deng

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing
    University of Notre Dame
Thesis Title
Modeling Missing Data in Panel Studies with Multiple Refreshment Samples

Jouchi Nakajima

  • Economist & Deputy Director of Global Economic Research
    Bank of Japan

Debdeep Pati

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
    Florida State University

Daniel Runcie

  • Assistant Professor Plant Sciences Dept.
    UC Davis
Thesis Title
Bayesian Models for Relating Gene Expression and Morphological Shape Variation in Sea Urchin Larvae


Ana Paula De Oliveira Sales

  • Statistician, Applied Statistics Group
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Thesis Title
Clustering Multiple Related Datasets with a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process

Ken Van Haren

  • Machine Learning Software Engineer
    Mavizon Technologies

Ying Yang

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Stanford University School of Medicine
Thesis Title
Spatial Bayesian Variable Selection with Application to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)


Arturas Rozenas

  • Instructor
    ISM University of Management and Economics
Thesis Title
Inferring Ideological Ambiguity from Expert Data

Scott L. Schwartz

  • Research Associate - Department of Integrative Biology
    University of Texas at Austin

Shouqiang Wang

  • Assistant Professor
    University of Texas at Dallas
Thesis Title
Two Applications of Adversarial Risk Analysis

Jianyu Wang

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics
    Indiana University

Yu Zeng

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, CDF experiment
    Duke University
Thesis Title
Momentum Scale Estimation Using Maximum LikelihoodTemplate Fitting

Guoxian Zhang

  • Data Scientist
Thesis Title
An Integrated Online Path Planning and Control Approach for Robotic Sensor Networks


Zhenglei Gao

  • Statistician
    Bayer CropScience

Botao Jia

  • Associate, Financial Modeling Group
Thesis Title
Duke Free Electron Laser Storage Ring Beam Energy Spread Analysis

Jacob M Montgomery

  • Assistant Professor
    Washington University in St. Louis
Thesis Title
Partisan Representation: Voters, Partisans, and Responsiveness in the U.S. Senate

Huidong Xu

  • Associate
Thesis Title
Modeling Stochastic Switching of Electric Field Distributions in Semiconductor Superlattices

Xiang Zhou

  • Assistant Professor
    University of Chicago, Department of Biostatistics & School of Public Health
Thesis Title
Parameter Estimation in Ising and Potts Models with Applications to Computational Protein Design


Betsy Enstrom

  • Research Statistician Developer
    IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Quanlin Li

  • Sr. Biostatistician
    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Thesis Title
Bayesian Inverse Model to Estimate Global Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Jeffrey A. Sipe

  • Major, Deputy Division Chief
    United States Air Force


Jonathan L. Jesneck

  • Research Scientist; Chief Scientist and VP, Research and Development
    MIT; Eye-R Systems, Inc

Junyi Xie

  • Software Engineer


Qing Xia

  • Research Scientist

Jieru Zheng

  • Associate Practice Executive
    Campbell Alliance
Thesis Title
Regularization and Model Selection for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Studies of MHC-Peptide Binding


Jimmy Teng

  • Assistant Professor
    University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus



Kate Calder

  • Professor, Department of Statistics
    Ohio State University

Kiona Ogle

  • Assistant Professor
    Center for Biology and Society


Sining Chen

  • Member of Technical Staff, Statistics and Learning Research Department
    Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent

Philippe Leudi

  • Vice President

Ning Li

  • Assistant Professor
    George Mason University


Mark Borsuk

  • PI, Community Engagement Core Toxic Metals Research Program
    Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College


Brian Beckage

  • Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology
    University of Vermont

Jane Liu

  • Statistical Finance Analyst
    UBS Warburg, LLC, CT

Hedibert F. Lopes

  • Professor
    Insper Institute of Education and Research, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Jagdish Krishnaswamy

  • Convenor and Senior Fellow
    Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment

Scott M. Lynch

  • Professor
    Department of Sociology and the Population Research Institute (DuPRI), Duke University

Susan Paddock

  • Senior Statistician
    Rand Corporation

Hongjun Wang

  • Statistical Analysis Manager
    Capital One


Alex Reutter

  • Data Science Content Manager
    2017- Present
  • Statistician & Advisory Software Engineer, Business Analytics SWG - SPSS
    IBM, Vermont


Conrad Lamon

  • Manager and President
    Statistical Ecology Associates LLC
Thesis Title
Prediction of chlorophyll a concentrations in Lake Okeechobee using Bayesian nonparametric regression splines with interactions


Hong Chang

  • Quantitative Investment Management, Shanghai PRC


Hong Li

  • Statistical Consultant
    Overhauser Li Consulting