Colin Rundel

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Statistical Science

Rundel, CW, Wunder, MB, Alvarado, AH, Ruegg, KC, Harrigan, R, Schuh, A, Kelly, JF, Siegel, RB, DeSante, DF, Smith, TB, and Novembre, J. "Novel statistical methods for integrating genetic and stable isotope data to infer individual-level migratory connectivity." Molecular Ecology 22.16 (August 2013): 4163-4176. Full Text

Bocanegra, HTD, Rostovtseva, D, Cetinkaya, M, Rundel, C, and Lewis, C. "Quality of reproductive health services tolimited English proficient (LEP) patients." Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 22.4 (2011): 1167-1178. Full Text

Walker, DW, Muffat, J, Rundel, C, and Benzer, S. "Overexpression of a Drosophila homolog of apolipoprotein D leads to increased stress resistance and extended lifespan." Current biology : CB 16.7 (April 2006): 674-679. Full Text