Abbas Zaidi


I am a PhD candidate working with Sayan Mukherjee on causal inference problems in Economics using machine learning methods. In the past I was involved with high dimensional data visualization and time series modeling problems in the banking sector. I received my B.S. in Economics and Statistics with honors (2012) and Masters of Statistical Practice (2013)  from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Zanella, , Betancourt, , Wallach, , Miller, , Zaidi, A, and Steorts, . "Flexible Models for Microclustering with Applications to Entity Resolution." Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) (2016).

Miller, , Betancourt, , Zaidi, A, Wallach, , and Steorts, . "The Microclustering Problem: When the Cluster Sizes Don't Grow with the Number of Data Points." NIPS Bayesian Nonparametrics: The Next Generation Workshop Series (2015).