Dukees win the 2012 Mitchell Prize for applied Bayesian statistics

Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 9:30am

The 2012 Mitchell Prize was awarded at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal this week. The Mitchell Prize is awarded " ... in recognition of an outstanding paper that describes how a Bayesian analysis has solved an important applied problem."

Mike West and Ioanna ManalopoulouIoanna Manolopoulou (Duke StatSci postdoc 2009-2012), currently Assistant Professor of Statistics at University College, London,  and Mike West, the Arts & Sciences Professor of Statistics & Decision Sciences, received the award at the meeting.  The award was conferred on Ioanna, Mike and their biological co-authors Melanie Matheu, Mike Cahalan and Tom Kepler based on studies of spatio-dynamic modelling in systems biology/immunology  in their  2012 JASA paper entitled "Bayesian Spatio-Dynamic Modelling in Cell Motility Studies: Learning Nonlinear Taxic Fields Guiding Immune Response."


This 2012 award winning paper was cited  "for its sophisticated development of model-based inference methods in the expanding field of immune-cell dynamics."