Statistical Education Center

The Statistical Education Center is Duke's primary education resource for the nearly 1000 students who take statistics courses each year.Students in Prof. Kari Lock's Intro Stat Course A team of faculty and teaching assistants are available for students to ask questions on material from undergraduate and graduate courses taught by the Statistics department. 


The SEC offers help sessions from 4pm to 9pm Sunday through Thursday in Old Chemistry 211A, and  the current semester's scehdule, includes TA Assignments and level of qualifications. These sessions are provided for any student enrolled in a statistics course taught by the Department of Statistical Science at Duke. All else being equal, it is beneficial to come to the SEC at times when a TA from your particular class is available as that TA will be more familiar with your course assignments.  You may work with any TA who has sufficient background. Some TAs are qualified to answer questions for Sta 30 (10)  and STA 101 (101); others are qualified for all undergraduate classes and even some graduate classes.